Fcbd pull list

Was hoping to read some today but never got around to it

midtown has a bunch of the fcbd titles available, 1 per customer although its a bit tricky since I kept putting stuff and then it said out of stock but was finally able to place an order and pay for shipping

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Took a while but midtown is finally working. Books are free but there is a handling charge.

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Finally, I was able to checkout with all the books I wanted. It cost me about $10, but I didn’t have to leave the house.

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Is there a link because they are not coming up in the app. Unless that are not searchable using “fcbd”

Switched it to a release date of 8/16. Then they showed up…everything I wanted sold out.

Never got and email or app notification. Terrible communication…

They sent out an email a few days ago with the info on date/time. It was posted here too. That email had the direct link to take you to the FCBD page. They didn’t come up on search.

It didn’t work until 1015am though. If you tried to order between 10 and 1015 it said out of stock. Then at 1015 orders could go through.

Midtown just restocked the FCBD titles. A bunch of titles that were sold out earlier (HOS, Stray Dogs, SWHR) are showing as available again and go to checkout.


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