February Previews 2022 - Indie and Small Publisher Spotlight Books

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Some excellent picks. A Town Called Terror, 78MPH and Break Out for me. These are right up my alley.

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Has anyone here seen the movie Cube? There’s some sequels in there, I love the franchise.
Break out reminds me of Cube which I love. If that’s your thing make sure you check out the movie.

I’m a :poop: and mistakenly called these January Previews but they’re February… haha!


It’s ok, I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. :upside_down_face:

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What’s funny is, I meant to actually do January’s books but looked at February’s thinking I was doing January’s… :wink:

I was just reading over the Diamond order form to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and I noticed that Kaiju Score is coming back for a second volume (Kaiju Score Steal from the Gods). The first volume was great, and this one follows a different character (the safecracker).