Feige- South East Asian Superhero on the Way

This has kind of gone under the radar:

Speaking on a live video link, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was among the presenters. In response to a media question, he said “you won’t have to wait very long” before the studio incorporates a South East Asian superhero.

With that being said, it’s easy to look at War of Realms: New Agents of Atlas. I’ve been picking up the following in dollar bins, and may be a good idea for others too look out for them:

Would love to hear others thoughts on this. Definitely exciting!


Maybe Wave. Isn’t she very popular?


I do believe she is, but I don’t think she’s had her own series. I think her origin is in Aero #1.

Very exciting! I love these characters.
This is another book I’ve always been all in on related to the topic (not at all discounting any others or what you posted-again, I love em all).
It’s a bit pricey, but imo still undervalued…nice 1:25 variant of White Fox’s 1st appearance.


What about Amadeus Cho? I believe he’s Korean.

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Whooooooo, it is pricey but solid cover!

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Another great possibility. Definitely more popular than the ones I listed.

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New Agents of Atlas has been one of the comics I’ll grab copies of if I ever see it at a price I like. Knowing how much media companies want to target the SE Asian market (most of the licensing I did with IPs for games was for that region), it’s just a matter of time until we start seeing more characters that appeal to people in the region in the MCU.


I mentioned this before at one point somewhere, so forgive me for being redundant.
I have a firm belief that Amadeus Cho will be (or is) at the forefront of their planning & thought process.
I say this because of the times I’ve seen the character brought up outside of our typical comic circles.
Amadeus has been mentioned multiple times now on the tv show “this is us”. To have that character mentioned multiple times, on the #1 show in the US, that is not remotely related to comics tells me that important Hollywood writers & players understand the importance and that there is at minimum an awareness.
I don’t know, I just really thought it was a cool thing. Wife turned to me “who’s Amadeus Cho?”


I wonder if Amadeus Cho’s Hulk connection will see him debut in the She-Hulk show? That would make it ‘soon’ as he put it. Maybe a way to continue the hulk character with a different actor. Plus, a Ms.Marvel show could lead to a Champions connection. All speculation on my part. Would be cool to see!


Silk mini-series is there for a reason I believe. She would be better compliment for a Spider-figure in Marvel than another dude (Miles). My thoughts.

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I pick these up whenever I find them:

Sword Master #1 2nd Print
New Agents of Atlas #2 2nd Print

Still relatively cheap on eBay if you can’t find them locally.


Another Martial art movie Superhero for an Southeast/East Asian movie .How original?LOL

I agree, especially after they killed off so many of their women with infinity war: Gamora, Black Widow, etc

What’s everyone’s thoughts should I pick this up it’s LTD to 600 sets Luna Snow Variant :thinking:

One thing to keep in mind for that exclusive is that it was for the 2nd print.

I’m just not a fan of variants on this sort of stuff personally. No issue with those that are. If I’m going to spend money on spec relative to any of this, it would be on regular old 1st prints, first appearances in the mainstream books.

Unless you are specifically just a big fan of the character, art, artist, whatever…in that case…more power to you.

and the 2nd had a 1:25 virgin

only store variant worth having for NAoA (1st print)

A few months back I found a Facebook seller that had 5 copies of NAoA 1 A cover for $35 shipped. I grabbed it, then flipped 3 of the covers for $15-20 each to cover that initial cost. The two I have left are probably 9.8s, so I’ve been contemplating getting those slabbed.

I do also think Silk has a really bright future. Been trying to grab those keys.