Female Captain Americas

As some of you know already, the first appearance of Roberta Mendez (Captain America 2099) has shot up astronomically. The 1:25 used to be a $5 fodder book, but it is now pushing past $100.

With that in mind, if the first appearance of the first female Captain America can have its minutes of fame, why not the first black female Captain America? Samantha Wilson is the Captain America of Earth-65 (Spider-Gwen’s universe). She made her first appearance in Spider-Gwen #1 (Vol. 2). She appears in the final panel, so if you want to be safe, grab issue 2 as well for the cameo/first appearance debate.

Spider-Gwen #1 (Vol. 2) had a plethora of variants, but it seems like the winner is the 1:25 Bradshaw variant (which tends to sharply fluctuate in value).

Will this first appearance be worth hundreds of dollars one day? If it happened to Roberta Mendez, sure, why not. Pick them up if you find them in the $1-$5 boxes and hold them for 2 years.


As always, good stuff man.