Figures and Funkos for Sale

Hi everyone,

My son asked me to help him sell some of his stuff so that he can raise some money for his robotics club. He wants to get some varsity style jackets done for the club and his teach said if he can come up with 1/2, that he (the teacher) would put the other 1/2. Right now I am not working as much or else I wouldn’t be here writing this lol. Payment through PayPal for his items listed below plus shipping. I will ship to US and Canada only. Would need to figure out how to ship overseas as I’ve never done it before.Thank you.

Also if you would like to just make a donation to his club, here is a link and its tax-deductible. Thank you

Here is what he has and more to come.

$50 O.B.O. plus shipping

$130 O.B.O. plus shipping

Here is a drawing I did that I am throwing in. Still need to ink it.

$75 shipped


Here is the updated ink version.

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First day at the competition. There team has won 3 of the 4 matches so far. They have done way better this year then the years before. Please donate if you can its all TAX deductible…

Thank you

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Link for anyone that wants to watch it live today and tomorrow

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