First comic you ever bought!


#TheyDontMakeThemLikeTheyUseTo :slight_smile:


I really dig most of the Punisher and Wolverine covers… this one is one of my fav…

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Don’t forget #8 to complete the “set,” it’s a classic, classic Punisher cover.


The first book I can recall buying with my own cash would’ve been Avengers Annual #16. Starring Everyone you can think of and Hawkeye saves the day by cheating in a bet with the Grandmaster. I actually just picked up a graded copy cheap but really enjoyed the story as there are some brutal deaths and good matches, so I’m getting a regular copy as well.


I’m pretty sure the first comic I can remember owning was Sergio Aragone`s Groo #17. I was a fan of Mad Magazine before I had an interest in comics and I distinctly remember the artwork on this cover catching my eye because I recognized the style from Mad. The fish biting his toes and nips also made an impression on me.

The first super hero comic I remember is Detective 604 The Mud Pack arc. I don’t know what it was about the cover that grabbed me but I ended up getting 3 of the 4 issues in the arc from the grocery store. I don’t think I ever ended up getting the last issue. I do know that my interest in Batman comics was 100% due to my obsession with reruns of the 60`s tv show that I watched religiously on Nick at Nite.


Sounds like a cool storyline. I absolutely dig stories that include tons of characters. Also really cool to hear you picked up a graded copy of your first comic… and for cheap too.

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Thanks for sharing! Yes, i agree with you that Detective 604 cover is cool looking!


Nice, I remember picking up that Detective Comics as well from my local Eckerds, where I got most of the comics off the spinner rack.

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@rigger_one @agentpoyo I saw this last week and thought i’d share it with some lovers of cool Punisher covers.

Due for release late march - Punisher: Soviet #6 (Okazaki Variant)

Punisher looks total badass with the knife in his mouth…


I’m collecting the series,. I’ve GOTTA get that! Thanks for the heads up. Variant probably

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Great question and topic for this forum! I can’t remember what exactly was my 1st ever that I personally bought with my own money but I’m betting it was in 1992 and it was IMAGE Lol. Most definitely had to be something from IMAGE. Savage dragon or Shadow Hawk I bet lol


I started in 1988 buying Judge Dredd & 2000 AD comics at a local flea market. Inspired by an Anthrax song. My love for comics and metal remain to this day!


Thanks for sharing mate. I really like Image comics. I collected all the volumes of The Darkness. Always found Image comics were a bit more gritty than marvel which i love!!


Judge Dredd!!! Nice!! In the mid/ late 90’s there was a bi-weekly Judge Dredd magazine series that came out. I collected most of them before fully committed to just buying Marvel comics (I was a pre-teen and only had a small budget to buy with hahaha)… Thanks for sharing, and rock on my man!!! :slight_smile:

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