First comic you ever bought!


So just for fun i thought it would be cool to find out the first ever comic you guys brought, the one that started your personal collection.

I’ll start of, so for me i was a big fan of the 90’s X-Men animated show…once that show ended i wanted to really continue to follow the X-Men adventures, so i went to my LCS and brought Storm #1 (1996 1st Series), I shiny cover (c’mon i was only 12 at the time so i liked the shiny cover haha), and it’s being x-men related really got my attentions. From there i started collecting uncanny x-men, from there I expanded to spider-man and then hulk and iron man… the rest as they say it is history.


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I wasn’t a collector until sometime in 1985 but I would buy comic books to read from time to time. Most of those when I was really young were Archie but there weren’t many and I don’t remember which issue was the very first.

The first comic I can remember buying was G.I. Joe #19. like most pre-teen boys I loved the cartoon and toys. I probably bought earlier issues than that but just don’t remember. Anyway, I bought #19 at a drug store in Sussex NJ when I was visiting my grandparents. There wasn’t much to do at their apartment so my mother or father gave me a couple of bucks to buy something to read and get me through the evening. That G.I Joe #19 was it.

I still have it. Pretty beat up but I did manage to keep it even before I collected and took care of my comics. Didn’t have time to dig out my copy but still wanted to show a generic image.



Thanks for sharing your story! really cool that you still have the issue as well. G.I.Joe was one comic that i wish i got into.

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First comic we owned, or first one we bought with our own money? The latter is much harder to say.


First comic you remember ever owning :slight_smile:

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I don’t have a story for my 1st book as I really don’t remember getting it. But, it’s been with me for as long as I can remember. My parents must have bought this for me when I was 5 or 6 years old, off of the spinner rack, up at the cottage. My first comic book was GI Joe #21. The silent issue. 1st Appearance of Storm Shadow. CPV to boot. :canada: The book is beat to hell. Tears, stains and colour breaking tics out the wazoo but it still gets a bag n board and resides in my PC.


Ahhhh yes, the famous ‘Silent’ issue. I haven’t had a chance to flip through that one…yet. Glad to hear it’s still in your PC, it’s like first love right, always have a place in your heart (better not let my wife see me type this hahaha)… Thanks for sharing my friend!

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I also have a Smurfs #1 and a GI Joe Special Missions #1 that are from my early childhood. Those books, along with GIJoe 21, are the three books that I have from my early childhood.



…and it’s the Canadian price variant! Even beat up that adds a bit more value to it, not that you would ever sell it. Still the additional cool factor is always nice!


I love the fact that it is a CPV too, @rob92807. I will not sell this book due to its significance to me. I love GI Joe, particularly Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes (I wonder if this book had any influence on my liking of the GI Joe ninjas, :thinking:). And I am a very proud Canadian, so, the book being a CPV adds significant personal fondness. I’ve currently got a high grade 1st print direct at CGC. It should be home in two/three weeks.


Okay, first comic I bought with my own money… not my parents money or them buying me books when we were at Eckerds or any other store that sold comics. I remember it fondly as it was the start of my very long Punisher addiction…

I also didn’t have to buy a lot of books prior to this cause I’d just read my older step brothers books he had and would buy.


What a great cover on that Punisher book, Poyo.

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Issue #11 was pretty awesome too…

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Yeah…that’s pretty badass too. It almost looks like a Jokerized Punisher, lol. My buddy, @rigger_one, is a big Punisher fan also.


What’s weird is I liked War Journal better than the regular series at the time. I went on to almost collect the full first volume to issue #80, think I ended around 12-15 issues shy as around 1994 I started to discover girls and comics weren’t on my list of top priorities anymore. I’m actually kind of glad I left the hobby in the 90s… I don’t think I missed too much after 1994 or so…

These are dirt cheap still, I should add them to my list of books to find in high grades. Would love to put together a Punisher War Journal high grade set…

CGC pickups

The first I owned, I think, was Mickey Mouse 251, the Bellhop Detective. Still remember the cover. And a Donald Duck with him fishing with Goody on the cover.

First superhero comic was the Web of Spider-Man with Facade, either 113-115. Good times, when comics were simpler. I also remember a Batman Adventures with the Scarecrow, and by the time the clone saga and animated series got underway I was buying all the Spider-titles lol. And didn’t stop until One More Day.


That’s not weird at all POYO, I’m an OG PUNISHER fan it’s true! (thx @jcLu). I also found WJ superior than the main PUNISHER run as well. I collected and read both. I have a high grade WJ run to #50. Not so much main run, maybe to #35 or so plus spec $1 books for both runs…

Most IMPORTANTLY, let’s not forget one of the best fights in comics ever!! PUNISHER :vs: WOLVERINE in PUNISHER WJ #6,7 which is a beautiful early Jim Lee cover and highly undervalued book IMO. Anytime I see them for $1 I take them both. I have a short box full of them at least… One day people will catch on… Don’t get me started on favourite fight books either because we’ll be up all night in another seperate header… I think you should finish the run it’s cheap as you say. For now… Be well everyone. :skull:




Ah… the memories… :slight_smile:


Totally agree with you mate. This is what the Punisher would look like if the Joker and Bloodshot had a baby…

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