First Look at Robert Pattinson's Batman

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I actually like it. I also don’t mind Pattinson. I think he gets a bit of a bad wrap because of Twilight (heck I don’t even think that is deserved as the movies weren’t that horrible for what they were and who they targeted). He’s been in some other films I like and is a very good actor imo. I really enjoyed “The Lighthouse”.
Hollywood trainers (along with the very hard work of actors) can do some amazing transformation work so the whole “he isn’t big enough, etc”…we will see.

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His Batman I’m not worried about. It’s his Bruce Wayne that’s still a concern.

It’s not Ben Affleck so I’ll watch it.

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I get the comparisons to DD but isn’t that only because the video was in red and plus Patman looks a bit like Batfleck in the face? But with no ears showing on the cowl (anyone not think that was intentional?), why the up in arms reaction about looking like DD? These people complaining - do they think when you see him in full view, that somehow with all that armor, cape and cowl, he’ll still look like DD? SMH… have some patience and wait to see the final look. I’d assume if Reeves released this footage, they are getting close to filming some scenes where pics are likely to leak, so he’s beating them to the punch.

He’s too skinny- like super skinny in the face- and his sunken cheekbones somehow make him REALLY resemble Daredevil. Batman is beefier. Even the skinniest of the actors had an “older,” adult face. He just looks far too young, like Robin in a Batsuit.

Twilight was on tv and I just watched a bit again for some reason- sorry, but Robbie is NOT a good actor.The movie is silly but his acting and mannerisms and affect are appalling. You can’t tell me “he got better!” and he’s going to pull some Oscar caliber performance out of his butt.

The thing is, not every actor is Heath Ledger and not every role is the Joker- Batman is inherently kind of a wooden role, and you need to bring your natural persona and charisma to it. Even Keaton, for all his shortcomings, brought a presence and a hard masculinity to it.

Fair points about Batman’s general look but I think he’s actually supposed to be young(er) in this one? Batman is my all time favorite so I do understand the general consternation over the choice and I do get the general concern over the look. Pattinson wouldn’t have been my first choice and full disclosure that I’d rather they not have gone armored suit but instead more of a cloth/mail look (that I think for sure that is a valid debate). But even Keaton was dismissed early on - “he’s a comedic actor!” everyone screamed. And while the Ledger comparison is an overused retort, it still really applies. Yes Ledger is a “better actor” but he was still widely criticized as the choice early on. Let’s at least see Patman’s (and Reaves’) version/vision before we make wide sweeping verdicts on a 60 sec clip that isn’t even a full view. Though I know, that takes all the fun out of the Internet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think Keaton is a better actor though, as seen in his dramatic performances- even Robbie’s supposed better movies, like the one where he’s in that limousine for the whole time, he just kind of acts stilted and wooden like Edward or Dr. Manhattan. It’s hard to explain but there isn’t a terrible lot you can do with the role of Batman beyond your natural affect- Keaton just had kind of a masculine presence and then acted quirky on top of that so it worked, I don’t know.

Someone like a younger Jon Hamm in a cloth suit over kevlar padding would’ve been ideal. It’s hard to act and be taken seriously when you’re wearing a super unrealistic Arkham style VR suit.

Hamm in a cloth suit over kevlar padding we can 100% agree on.

The Batman - Funeral Scene


Well, the spin-off is happening…

This was already on the cards (and kind of hinted there’s more to tell as seen in the film’s ending) and probably AT&T was just waiting how the public would receive Penguin in the film. Glad to see it the light of the day.

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