First Rhodes as Iron Man - Armor Wars Spec

So we all know some are going after Iron Man #225 for the Armor Wars announcement from Disney Day but don’t forget and count out Iron Man #170, the first time Rhodes puts on an Iron Man suit. Can still find cheap copies out there.

This truly did set the path forward for Rhodes to become War Machine in Iron Man #282 in my opinion.

Love the classic cover too of Iron Man #170.

I actually picked up Iron Man #225 a couple years ago for around $15 or so I think. It’s nice to see it get some love… Still cheap copies of that one too, It’s almost the point you can buy and sell (for those that got copies already and got dirt cheap).


I don’t see #225 having legs long term. That being said, since Rhodey is starring in his own Disney+ series, definitely #170 is a key book!


#225 doesn’t have firsts but it’s one of those few books that still holds it’s weight as it’s the start of Armor Wars and has been semi prominent for quite sometime. I’d still nab one if you don’t own it. The one I grabbed for cheap I planned to hold for the PC myself.

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I already had #225 in my PC and could have gotten another one yesterday for $10. I passed.

My thought on #225 not having legs, once the series is over it probably will go down. As for #170, this was a pivotal moment for a character that’s about to have more exposure in the MCU. That’s why I would take #170 over #225.

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Oh for sure. If Rhodes takes over the Iron Man persona and name, it definitely has more going for it for sure. It’s why I felt the need to bring it up, cause it’s still pretty cheap and I think overlooked. :wink:

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What do you think of Iron man 118? That is Jim Rhodes 1st appearance before becoming iron man. I haven’t been paying attention to prices myself, so I don’t know the of those prices have gone up or down lately. I do know I have a copy somewhere.

You took the words out of my mouth, Mr.Wilson. I would think that IM118, 1st appearance of James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes, would see some love too. I also am uninformed of any sales trends for that book.

I think his real first appearance is a key book but him putting on the Iron Man suit in this case makes it more appealing for some.

But Iron Man #118 is still a pretty affordable book for most.

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Iron Man 118 sales seems all over the place lately. The last few sales for raw copies have gone from $12 to $70 for better looking copies. A 9.8 sold at $400 a few days ago. Graded copies at 9.2-9.6 are in the $100-$200 range. Still an affordable book.

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I paid about $20 for a copy that looks like it can be pressed a little. Good cheap-ish book with potential for a high ceiling.

I picked up a 9.8 of #118 about 4 or 5 years ago for around $200. This book has a lot of room to grow imo.

An update:

Who is supposed to help Rhodey with his armor - maintenance, enhancements etc., now that Tony Stark is dead in the movies ? Is it Riri ? Or Tony Stark A.I. ? Or maybe Disney introduces Osborn, and then somehow leads that into Iron Patriot + Dark Avengers.

I have this same question for Mackie’s Capt. America/Falcon.

Wakanda and Shuri

Good choice - but Rhodey represents the US Govt… Shuri/Wakanda represents a conflict of interest.

There are no borders when it comes to the Avengers, etc. :wink:

War Machine is not part of the Avengers.

That’s why I added… etc… :wink:

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I got it :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
Just trying to see other thoughts!
Maybe some new characters to support him,

The story I think will focus more on the villains that steal Iron Mans tech than WarMachine

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