First time grading

Can I send (for example) a silver age, a modern and a magazine size (Last Ronin) in one submission? Or is that several submissions? I have a bunch of things to get graded, buts it’s a diverse lot.

I was going to wait until NYCC and do in person. I think there is a CGC location. But who knows when there will be a NYCC…

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I was a little nervous the first time I sent books in, but when you get them back (and they are high grades) its so exciting!

Just put this lot together to send off…some personal and some to resell… Looking forward in 6 months when I get them back, lol. Good luck and as long as you are having fun, you can’t go wrong!


No those would all need to be different submissions.


As @Zeropepp said…I absolutely don’t recommend doing that. You end up paying through the nose for all separate shipping, fees, etc.

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This has the shipping rates for them so you want to submit the right number of books also to get the best rates.

I submit in groups of 10 because they fit nicely in a flat rate priority mail box and 10 books cost the same as 6 for shipping.

Sometimes I will do 25 and prescreen them.

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My 1st submission is currently at CGC waiting to be graded. I sent in 25 so I could prescreen for 9.8 since they were all modern books. I didn’t have any pressed so I’m anxious to get them back and see how I did lol. My plan is to look at what I get back and start to form my own opinions of what CGC is looking for. I consider it something that will be a fun learning experience for me and hopefully I’ll get to a point where I won’t have to prescreen anymore.


I prescreened 81 books for 9.8 over the last 6 months and only 5 missed the mark. My last submission I just did 10 books because I feel pretty comfortable with it now. I should get those grades this week hopefully.


That’s the kind of percentage I’m hoping for lol. With current TAT I should have my first submission back at the end of April.

Prescreen also adds 10 days to your turnaround time, so if you don’t need it it’s quicker.

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Definitely get them pressed before grading, preferably not CCS. Google comic book pressing, there may be a local guy that you can hand the books off to in person.
Most pressers will forward your submission, to save on shipping back n forth if you don’t go local.

And definitely sign up at CGC and submit them yourself. It costs $150, but you get $150 in grading fee credit, so it’s essentially free, so to speak. You will also receive 10% off all grading fees, as a member.

It is nerve racking, but well worth it, and honestly it’s easy. And just as easy to do it yourself. M2c.


Also if you do it yourself you can see all your submissions on the website so you don’t have to bug your LCS about when your books are coming back.


@Zeropepp What is pre-screening?

If you submit 25 or more books you can choose the grade you want encapsulated. So if you pick 9.8 only the books that are that grade or better will be slabbed and you pay the normal price for them. If it’s below the prescreen grade it gets rejected and they charge you $5.

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My plan is to eventually get all my keys graded for easier resale when I die and the family has to sell off the collection. I’m generally not a fan of graded books but that’s where the hobby is at right now so I’m not even worried about what grades I get back.

I definitely plan to press but my question is - if you press color breaking tics, yes the book is flatter than before, but now you’ve got a bunch of white marks on a cover. How is that graded?


You would be dinged for the color breaks themselves. Nothing pressing can do about that. It would depend on the number of them and the severity of them.

So the comics have a clear sleeve around them inside the slab (case). For reasons I’ll not get into, the inner sleeve tends to come into contact with the case and the result is an “oil slick” rainbow appearance when viewing the book at certain angles.

CGC slabs are the only ones that have this. PGX and CBCS do not.

It in no way is harmful to the comic…it’s just an optical effect that CGC slabs are notorious for and they refuse to acknowledge is a problem…likely because it requires a redesign of their product and is only aesthetic in nature.

If your LCS has CGC cases (newer ones from the last 3-4 years) I recommend looking them over at different angles of light. See if you can get an appreciation.

Sometimes they are barely noticeable. Sometimes they totally distract from the beauty of the book in the case.

I just wanted to make sure you’re aware and have some examples to look at.

As an alternative, CBCS doesn’t charge a membership fee, has a great in-house pressing capability, and the case is now near equivalent to CGC in appearance and security and minus the Newton ring issue.


I believe you can send them in as one submission if you go CBCS. However CBCS does not offer encapsulation for magazines currently.

The other thing you need to be aware of is the value of your comic. CGC has lower thresholds (compared to CBCS) and if your comic’s value exceeds a certain amount it’ll get bumped into the next grading tier, and thus incur additional grading costs and potentially ship separate from the rest of your order…costing you even more cash.

I believe CBCS has similar or higher thresholds before bumping up a grading tier, and hey don’t break up the order (still would ship together).

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Another benefit to CBCS, they do not require a membership fee to grade comics. And I think their grading fees are almost identical to CGC 10% discounted fees. Fast pass fees are CGC as well.

Their in house pressing fees are competitive to outside pressers as well, although turn around times may be a little longer.


CBCS, CGC… whatever blows your hair back…I used CGC as a placeholder for ‘grading co.’.
I personally am using CGC at the moment. I currently have 33 books at their facilities. I’m not thrilled with some of stories I’ve heard about either company, CGC or CBCS, in the last 6-8 months.
I haven’t even considered PGX, as their labels look very amateurish to me, as well as a few other hang ups I have with them. :beers::v:

Not sure what you’ve heard about CBCS. Other than Turn around times took a beating with Covid when everything in FL and TX shut down. But please share.

Plenty of well publicized goofs by CGC though.

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