First time grading

Hey all, I’ve never gotten any of my comics graded and I think I want to send some to CGC. My LCS sends in for their customers but I cannot decide what to send in. I would love some thoughts! My collection is not super impressive but I do have a few decent books:

ASM 300
ASM 361
NM 98
Invincible Iron Man 7 and 9
God of Thunder 2 (x2) and 6
Thanos 13 (A and 1:25 Albuquerque)
Captain America 6 (A)
DV 3
Uncanny X-Men 141
Uncanny X-Men 266

Like I said, I would love opinions. Whether first appearances or cover or variants.



My answer depends on your goals in grading.
If you are grading solely to keep for yourself, your collection, and no immediate plans to sell:
I would go with the ASM books and New Mutants and Thanos

If you are in the game to sell…than I think the timing would be good for the Iron Man, God of Thunder, and DV3. I like the Cap book…but you won’t get it back in time for a possible big rush relative to the show.

Just my thoughts. All great books of course.


Thanks, @Devildog. I think for now, it’s just for me. I want to keep some books I really like (or love in the case of the Thanos 1:25) but may sell one day down the line.

How much is your LCS charging you to send them in? If you are keeping all the books in your collection it really doesn’t matter which order you do it in. If there are a couple you want to sell I would do those first and use the profits to get the rest done.

If you sign up for the middle level CGC account and do it on your own you get a bunch of credit with them. I think it’s $150 for the membership and you get $150 in grading. It usually costs me on average between $22.50 and $26 a book after all the shipping costs.


I didn’t know about the membership, @Zeropepp They are charging $40 per book to send/get graded/insure. I think it was the rush grading, too.

Fast track adds $8 per book I think, I usually just average the cost and figure it’s $25 a book, $33 with fast track and that includes shipping. Their current turn times are 48 days regular and 25 days fast track. Keep in mind that’s working days so it’s longer than it seems. That’s about 3 months after you factor in shipping times there and back.

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Thank you for the info!

You also may consider sending to a 3rd party presser before you send to CGC. Cost will only be an additional $8-15.


@trent31 I didn’t even know there was 3rd party pressing. I knew the grading companies did it but I thought that was it.

I have been debating using CGC for awhile now- I hate, HATE, the fact I have to send them in the mail to get graded. Too many what’s ifs. But if I do, what 3rd party pressers would u recommend and what would that set me back if I did that?


I know some folks may differ with me on this, but I always, always will make sure my books are pressed. Pick who you want, 3rd party or otherwise (I’ve used CGC pressing service and had no complaints other than it takes forever).

There is simply too much value and regret left at the door without pressing a book these days. The difference between let’s say a 9.2 or 9.6 with your Spidey 300 is incredible (in my opinion).

If you don’t have a book pressed (which I initially did myself) you always have the regret of “What if…”…and then the thought of “should I get it cracked, pressed, and resubmitted”.

Just my thoughts on the matter.


I’ve been trying to figure out what to do also with getting some books graded. Are there any third party pressers y’all would recommend? Also any tips on packaging the books to be sent in for pressing/grading? Im super nervous that this has to all be done by mailing in books (wish there was a local option) and have been hesitating on doing any grading because of this. thanks!

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@Mrwilson2105 Sending them in the mail is the main reason I haven’t done it yet. It makes me SUPER nervous. Since my LCS insures them and they send a bunch of customer’s and their own books at once, I at least feel a little more at ease…

I had been toying with pressing the older books just because they are, well, old. But maybe doing it to all of them is worth it based on what you are saying.

That first submission can be intimidating especially the packing and mailing part. If you do the CGC membership they will also send you one of their mailing kits. You don’t need to use this but it’s great for the first submission so you can see what type of materials to use. I send all my stuff USPS priority mail and I insure it with them. I also choose the USPS return option which is insured. If you choose Fedex or UPS for return shipping it’s only insured for $100 so you would need to have your own collectible insurance to cover it.

I press my own books quickly to get out any waviness, but if I have books with other issues my LCS does a good job pressing and I let him do it. I don’t press every book. The more you submit and learn the better you will get an knowing what needs a press and what doesn’t. New books I’m submitting often don’t need it.

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@UGADavid , two questions for ya before I provide you with my 5 years experience with grading companies.

1.) Do you have a limited amount of funds? Basically are you only sending a few in and how many?

2.) Are you aware of the Newton Ring issues with CGC slabs?

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I was going to start with sending 3 in at first. My LCS suggested starting with 3 - they said it was the best way to make it worth it. I wouldn’t say I have limited funds but not interested in going nuts either. And I have no clue, nor heard of, Newton rings…what are they?

When it comes to third-party pressers I always use The guy behind it is named Chris and he does awesome work. I send my stuff to him, get it pressed, then have him ship it to CGC under my account.


One of the interesting things about pressing that I tend to think about.

Good pressers build their reputation on great work and good turn around times, which in turn, creates demand, which then leads to crazy wait times, and increased pressure for them to work harder, faster.

It worries me a bit as I think good pressing is a bit of an art. I have some very good pressers I have used in the past. Because of that, they have become very popular and their wait times are through the roof.

I suppose it is not fair of me to think that there will be a negative result in the overall quality of their work because of these factors…but I do.


I recommend I have been sending most of my books to them Great turnaround time and he also provides before and after pictures. $15 a book.

CGC also a solid choice however turn around time would be 3 to 4 months and probably get the book back in 6 months.