First Trailer: Star Wars Visions Disney+ Anime Anthology


Studio Trigger involved? Gonna be :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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I really like the character designs…reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy, but Star Wars!


@drunkwooky plug us Gz what’s the spec on this? Or is it new content. Looks good. I’m on a star wars high.

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Lucasfilm said they allowed the anime studios to create without requiring that their stories fit into the timeline. So, I read this as Legends or What If.

I didn’t see any familiar character in the preview art except young Boba Fett.

Yeah I watched it sober 2nd time and see it’s all original non canon work. Looks good.


Second trailer:


My family is a big anime family and this is a must for us. Anime and Star Wars. Can’t beat that…

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What do you think are some books to look for if you don’t mind shearing?

Looks like Erica Slaughter is coming to Visions:


I just got done the first episode. I enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to more.

You mean you are done with the first season? There are nine episodes that are available on Disney+ currently.

No just started. First episode was really good. Started watching episode 2, but got interrupted. Something about a rock band- wasn’t too into it, but I’ll give it a chance. The first episode had some cool Sith characters I wouldnt mind seeing more of.

The Ronin protagonist is the star of a novel coming out.

Rewatched this trailer and the pulling a lit saber out of a scabbard looks cool but is rather silly when you think about it.

First episode was gold. Kurosawa all the way. The other episodes didn’t come close to it. Bit of a letdown overall.


Yea. The 1st episode was good. The rest were meh. I dont like anime…

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Gasp!!! How dare you… Lol jk

Hot topic has some sick as Star Wars Visions items. Got myself some hoodies and T-shirts.

I think the styling had a lot to do with it. It was a good episode.
Also, it was really cool when we first saw Kylo stop that laser blast mid air, but its starting to feel like a trope in this Visions short stories now.

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