FOC Highlight Books for Last Call April 16th/17th, 2023


I thought this was an open order, but alas a nice 1:50 incentive.

Brave & The Bold Zerdy.

And it can be yours for $170 over at the Golden Crabapple.

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Cool cover.

Danny Ketch Ghost Rider #1 (of 5) (50 Copy Javier Saltar Variant) – This is a sweet variant cover. If you can find for cheap or at cover price, it’s a definite for me.

Maybe they’ll make the 2nd print a glow-in-the-dark like the trading card version.

I knew I’ve seen this art somewhere before…

Oh nice, I thought it looked familiar as well. A glow in the dark cover would be really kick ass…

Miles #6 Caselli variant.

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I’m drawn to the main cover for that book for some reason. Can’t put my finger on it but it reminds me of Miracle Man #15

I read somewhere The Broker will appear in #1


I figured they would, probably gonna be a last page appearance… to lead into the second issue.

That’s how it’s been done for decades!