FOC Highlight Books for Last Call June 4th/5th, 2023


that’s sharon carter on the captain america design variant, its her new look

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Okay cool. I thought it might of been her but wasn’t sure. Thanks for the input! :heart:

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I believe she is going to be the new Destroyer, as the original just perished.

Has she appeared in this outfit yet in a prior comic?

Hulk 180 - best cameo ever.

Them’s fighting words!

Correction: Best first appearance ever… it got people excited for issue #181… that’s why everyone wants #181… because of #180. :wink:

Yup. That cameo was a terrific lead in to 181. :+1:

cameo - a brief appearance of a well-known person

We should really stop using that term, it would only apply after Wolverine became established as a well known character. In #180, nobody knew who he was… so it’s just a first appearance. :wink:

I started using the term Debut, as it is much harder for “first fullers” to defend.

Yup, that is a much better term to use. But in the end, it’s still an appearance. I’m gonna keep applying KISS to comic appearances now though.

I knew him well from his first appearance in Foom.

180 is an appearance. I’m with @agentpoyo on that. 181 is first cover.

Hulk 181 is the most popular appearance of Wolverine.

Fair point.