FOC Highlight Books for Last Call May 21st/22nd, 2023


Love the right up, @D-Rog ! Well thought out and I’m digging the witty categories you’re putting each title worth FOC-ing. Seems like you’ve been in the writing business for quite a while. Fun read!

(Thanks to Poyo for linking it or else I wouldn’t have noticed.)

I told him to post a CHU Article link from forums… haha!

well, if people aren’t going to the main site unless there’s a link sending them there from here, what does that tell you?

I saw the Thrawn TPB on FOC. I’m thinking I might read the novels first. Being a later printing it’ll be in large supply so I didn’t feel like mentioning it.

I also like the White Knight Andolfo variant….but I wasn’t sure If the character is new. But it’s an homage to (or swipe of) FF #8.

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A few other books I left off that I thought you might hightlight (I didn’t want to take all your a thunder):

  • Hulk #1 - A new hulk series begins. 1001 variant covers, I may just go for A.

  • Scarlet Witch Annual #1 - has a “spoiler cover” which Has already been revealed, but don’t know what it’s spoiling exactly.

  • Ghost Rifer 15 - just for the read, although the covers have been great.


Im 100% down for Ghost Rifer !!!

Lol. Posted this at like 3am…after my dog, followed by my daughter, woke me from a sound sleep…

I hear rumors there is a secret variant scratch and sniff cover. :wink:

We have a lot of regulars who just hit up the forums now. But most of the organic traffic still hits the main site while also the articles get pushed to social media that link them back. So, the main site still gets most of the non-regular traffic that still exceeds the forum traffic. The forums are busy but it’s also the same regular logged in users…


I almost selected that one but was like meh… it’s another reboot and as much as I like the writer, he doesn’t usually bring much spec or heat to the series he writes.

Scarlet Witch was another almost… can’t select them all, then what’s the point of doing highlight picks, I might as well say… buy them all this week! :wink:

Ghost Rider I’ve been telling people to buy off and on all series, I’m just repeating myself if I selected it again but didn’t feel it was going to be anything special other than a good read. And yes, the covers have been great!

All reasons I had them in my original list, but didn’t make the Final Cut.