FOC Highlight Books for Last Call May 8th, 2023


No love for Mando and Cobb Vanth.

Not really. It’s different when they’ve already shown up and are now gone in the television series or movies. Just not as special…

Also just to point out, TFAW FCBD Sale still has over 4700+ items listed and on sale. Might still be some hidden gems as the other day it seemed as if they added new stuff to the sale. Might be worth checking out to see if anything new got added.

He’s not gone. He’s in the Bacta tank. So you know they have plans for him. He’s a Marshal, so maybe he’ll play a role in season 4 when Mando I becomes a ranger for hire for the republic.

I’m sure he’ll be back but it’s just not that special when they show up in the show or movie before the comic. :slight_smile:

Yeah…Star Wars #1 ain’t special at all…same goes for issues 42 and 43.

Those are special cases and those took how many decades to finally be worth more? This Mando book if it heats up to be super valuable will do that when I’m long dead… haha

First, you just called them “special cases”, while trying to explain why first appearances in movies aren’t special.

Second, the character debuted before the show, in the aftermath novel series which is cannon.

Third, he’s tied to boba fett and tatooine lore, which makes him a little more significant than 99% of the characters which debuted live action in the Mando-verse.

So his first in standard comic format may not garner a lot of spec attention…but it’s still a cool moment in Star Wars comic story telling, and at least he’s on the cover of his first appearance on a first print, and I think it does the character justice.

So worth noting this FOC. In fact, likely has more spec potential than any of the other books you mentioned (in my opinion, of course).

That being said, I’m only ordering one copy of the two open order covers because I just like the character. I just thought it could have been mentioned because his character does have a following.

Maybe you should start writing up your own FOC spec and pick articles then… :wink: :wink:

No, do a blog! We can be blog buddies! Having sites about comics is how I met @Anthony in the first place years ago.

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Do a blog and write your own FOC articles and other articles on CHU. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I will!!

(Will it get me free tickets to NYCC…?)

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Maybe… gotta write enough and link to them to prove you’re Press Worthy…

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I’ve been toying with doing a YouTube video….I don’t know if I have what it takes to do a blog. You kinda have to know stuff…lol.

Link to who?

Your articles.

Oh, so you mean link from here?

I just figured I’d write and you’d post them for me.

But then I probably can’t say mean things about you and how your picks suck like I could in my own blog….hmmmm…gotta think this one through…


No, you link from the application form for NYCC if you’re doing a press pass badge.

Ya gotta prove you’re writing stuff related to comic cons cause they expect you to write about NYCC when you visit.