Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole: The Ebony Blade

I’ve been thinking on this for a bit and have tried to track down as much reference as I can. I realize I’m going off the rails a bit, but it’s actually been enjoyable to think about. I spend quite a bit of time reading and searching through my comics relative to this.

What if the Ebony Blade is the key to much of this Knull storyline? Now, I’ve not yet figured out the whole “God of Light” part…and the biggest challenge I still have is trying to connect any dots to that. Everything I discuss can easily be argued again…I’m cool with that. I’m a big fan of the Black Knight though and I can’t help but think on it. My points below have corresponding pictures after that sort of make the points or help to contribute to my thought process. Review them before you scoff too hard at me.

  1. What if the Ebony Blade was actually crafted from either remnants of Knull’s work, or the very essence of the Void itself?
  2. The Ebony Blade was crafted by Merlin from material originating from the “StarStone”. We know little about the Star Stone but it is Ebony Black, appears to have some organic nature to it, and is “alive”.
  3. We know the Starstone dates back to the very event which pissed off Knull and invoked his wrath. The big bang from the Celestial war that brought the light to Knull.
  4. We rarely see Merlin…but he is pretty damned powerful…he created the weapon, and not only could it be a sort of a “relative” to All Black…but it actually could be more powerful as it was created from the Starstone in conjunction with magic and elements from the Pool of Blood. Merlin was the Sorceror Supreme at one point after all.
  5. The Ebony Blade isn’t exactly good…not whatsoever. It is certainly as powerful (if not more powerful than All Black). It destroyed Terminus so on the level of whacking Gods and Celestials…no problem.
  6. The Ebony Blade also feeds off kills/souls/blood…whatever. It corrupts its hosts. I like to think of it as similar to the “the One Ring”. Just as All Black gave Gorr power and sort of amplified his hate…the Ebony Blade works much the same. The Knights Templar sort of keep it in check…but it’s not easy.
  7. The Knights Templar have maintained/held the Ebony Blade for ages. We know most about Sir Percy, and Dane Whitman, but there have been many more. Merlin created it for good…but I think the inherent Void in it could not be contained.
  8. Malekith recognized the importance and power of the Ebony Blade. He completely wrecked Venom with it…he goes on to make other comments about it that looking back seem to be foreboding (see pic below). I think it’s interesting that the entire aspect of the Ebony Blade and those scenes were part of War of the Realms… Also interesting that they travelled to Stonehenge.
  9. What if the entire mythology of Knights killing Dragons…was based upon the premise of the Knights Templar (who possessed the blade) were actually defeating Avatars/Symbiotes of Knull? History and oral tradition just didn’t get it all quite right.
  10. What if Cortland Cassady was a Knight Templar…but he left England for America? Found himself a love, couldn’t take the order…and left? We know he was courageous, strong, a fighter…but ultimately fell as related in the Ravencroft book. (See pic below…why include a pic of that Knight in that particular garb?)
  11. Nobody cares about Black Knight really…so why are we getting a King in Black series focussed on him and very particularly the blade? Why have we been a fairly significant amount of interior work that particularly seems to focus on past Knights Templar, Merlin, and an image of Knull among them? I mean, really, when was the last time we discussed Merlin?
  12. Why are we getting a reprint of Black Knight #1 from 1955 in February? Seems an odd choice given all the other classic books that could be reprinted.
  13. Whoever holds the Ebony Blade…cannot be killed. They can be injured…but not killed. Now, we don’t quite know how this process works however. We’ve never really seen it put it to the full test (that I can find). I found that image of King of Black #5 just released to be intriguing. What if that sword is the Ebony Blade…and Eddie possesses it…but he is just not yet back from the dead? It’s issue #5…who knows what could happen leading to him maybe handling it?
  14. We haven’t yet seen this God of Light…but whoever it ends up being, if he or she possesses the Ebony Blade…then Knull could get his ass kicked.

Ok…I likely missed some finer points. Enjoy and thanks for the read!
----oh…make sure you preorder a copy of King of Black Black Knight lol!


I have been wondering why there is some emphasis on the Black knight as well.

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This is excellent. Solid theory, fantastic evidence behind it. I thought the Black Knight involvement was just to synergise with the upcoming Eternals film, and had been knocked out of sync by the pandemic, but I can see this all playing out. The Ebony Blade as a sister sword to All Black is awesome, and absolutely something I could see Cates exploring.

The question now is, what are the key issues to be collected?


I was just joking about that cover being connected to King Arthur!


@AMDP :slight_smile:
It’s funny because when it was all said and done…I sort of asked myself the same thing. I’m like…what will anyone care as there really isn’t any spec in this lol.

The thing is…when it comes to the Ebony Blade…the most important book really is Black Knight #1 from 1955 and while an amazing book…it’s expensive as heck and certainly not a “spec book”. It’s a high roller book and out of my league lol. I’m definitely going to order that upcoming facsimile though.

Some of the books I researched and examined while thinking on this (and all give insight into the Ebony Blade) are"
Marvel Super Heroes Presents #17 “The Black Knight”—prolly the best book honestly and still affordable.
Mystic Arcana The Black Knight
Uncanny Origins 1996 #11 Black Knight
Avengers Annual #22
Original Avengers #47, 48
Black Knight Mini Series (Both of them)

The things is…it’s a weapon that is sort of the key…and I know that doesn’t do much for spec.
These are all just really fun comic books though so if you see the cheap ones in the wild…they are just nice to have.


@Brendon That’s really funny and honestly, I’ve been working on this for awhile and still had a couple books I wanted to research…but when that cover came out, I said, man oh man…maybe I’m not out of mind after all.

When you posted that I was thinking to myself, quit procrastinating and post your diatribe before someone ruins it!!!
That image was the icing on the cake for me. That picture is absolutely in keeping with everything I was thinking about. Sure, my theories have holes in them for days…but an awful lot of coincidental stuff.

I’ll admit I have ZERO knowledge on the Black Knight and any of his mythos at all. In fact I didn’t even know he was a character in comics until I saw a Marvel Legends figure of him. That being said, you’ve got me sold that this is a solid theory.

You’re giving Batman, The Question, and Detective Chimp a run for “Greatest Detective”!

Did you read King in Black Symbiote Spider-man #2 yet? Mister-E basically lets on
that this is the case.

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Very well thought out with great supporting evidence. Alas, while i think the spec is dead on and A+ material, you did not use proper APA citation and I have to give you a D for the term paper.

Just kidding excellent work man.


Not yet…but you’ve sparked my interest. Is the origin of the blade discussed? The Starstone?

Super heroes 17 is already an undervalued book but it might be even more so now…nice. I have 4 or 5 low grade copies.

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I don’t want to give it away. It’s not the origin, but it seems to be playing a part. Hopefully, it ties into the main event.

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Thanks for the time that you put into all of this. You might be on to something. I started reading the tie ins to King In Black and was wondering about “The Union” comic. Maybe something will be connected to your theory in that comic??

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