For Sale! Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #1 w/double Signatures

I got some stuff I’m going to push out pretty soon. This last month has been hard on me emotionally, I’m not going to give you a cry sob story, I just got some stuff I got to push through. I thought about posting my books on my Instagram, but yeah I’d rather it go to a legit CHU Member. My current goal to get ahead on some of my credit card bills and maybe fill in some of the Star Wars Legends Epic Collection books I am missing.

  1. I will only sell if you have a legit address. No PO BOXES. No College addresses. A Legit place of business or home address. I only ship USPS Priority boxes with a Signature Confirmation. I will toss some “Fragile handle with care” stickers on the box as well. I want to make sure it gets in your hands and not shoved in a box where it won’t fit, creating an unhappy individual.

  2. PayPal only! I prefer Zelle, but I can see why some people on here may have a problem with that. I have a funny feeling that PayPal will report me for the $ people sent me to help off set my dog vet bills back in May, so I’m doing everything to avoid it but at the current time, I just got to bite it…

  3. I am in no way professional graders or make any claims to grade, I describe everything I see, and provide pictures, and can send more pics, or answer questions you have. This book is sold as is and all sales are final, please feel free to message.

If you are all good with those terms, here is what I got to start off with.

$300 OBO - Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 - Signed by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder. Beautiful copy, authenticated and signed in the presence of Midtown comics . Clean ink, clean surface. Some whitening on back top right corner and bottom left & right corner in back, but other than that book is amazing. I point out some of the flaws on the pictures via arrows. The last copy on FeeBay sold for under $400. Some people are asking just as much. Let’s talk on this one. Really. PHOTOS below