For Sale: Trades, Hardcovers & Magazines

Looking to move some trades and hardcover books. Going to offer them here before Inout them up on eBay.

Prices include shipping. They’ll be shipped in a Gemini or similar mailer for protection.

I can offer additional discounts for pairing up/mix and matching as well. I can discount probably $5/ea combined listing as an example.

Reach out to me via PM if interested. I accept PayPal or Venmo (friends and family).

Captain America: Red Menace (Vol 1 & 2) and Civil War.

Collects issues 15-24 of the Brubaker run. All first prints, and I read them maybe once and was very careful about handling them (to avoid folding/creasing). So they’re like new.

$25 shipped.

Death of Captain America, Vol 3.

Hard Cover, premiere edition. Collects issues 37-42 of the Brubaker run. Also well cared for.

$15 shipped.

Wolverine: Origins hardcover

Premiere Edition. Collects Wolverine Origins 16-20 and Annual #1.

$15 shipped.

Daredevil: Visionaries Vol 2 & 3, and Born Again TPBs

Collects issues 168-191, 227-233, What If #28 & 35, and Bizzare Adventirss #28.

Visionaries are 2nd prints. Born Again is 7th.

These have a little shelf wear.

$45 shipped, but can split these up too.

Marvel Mythos #1 Hardcover (1st Edition).

This one I have up on eBay, but I’ll offer it here with a CHU discount.

$25 shipped.

Might as well throw in a few magazines.

Star Wars Insider Issues 222 & 223, subscriber editions.

The cover art pairs with the High Republic stories that are within. Because they come through the mail they don’t arrive in NM shape. Probably closer to VF/NM.

$20 shipped (ground advantage).

Star Wars Insider Issues 111 and 152. These are probably in the VF/NM to NM- range. 111 being the better of the two.

$25 shipped (ground advantage).

Just came across this guy.

Civil War TPB 1st Print. Collects issues 1-7. Excellent shape.

$15 shipped.