Forum ranking or cool side names

You should add status titles to posters. Like newbie for people with less than 100 posts, or seasoned flipper etc etc… and give ME a unique title too :innocent:

I suggested that back in the trial stages. No themes allowed or something like that.

Themes no, those just become a hassle to maintain. If you update the site, you have to make sure every theme available works… becomes a nightmare to administer.

As for names, hmm… something we could look into. The forums are based on Discourse so right now users earn trust levels. We have some hidden forums that unlock when you get to trust level 2 and then 3. I think at trust level 4 (takes a while to get to, ads should go away… )

I can add titles to users. Do you not see that in your own profile settings? My own title is “Secret Agentpoyo” as you should see that right next to my name in posts. I just updated Anthony’s to be “Comicflipper” cause well, that was his original name when he started CHU.

no, i dont havethat option. i tryed putting froot loops in the name spot but itdidnt work

What title do you want?

I just edited you to be Froot Loops…

Maybe we can turn this into a… “donate $5 to CHU” and get a custom title… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, just do a $1 auction. Everyone that signs up for a chance to win the comic lottery.

Wait, you’re saying throw the money into a pot for others to win?

It’s simple. U run a contest. Each person who wants to enter donates a dollar. When the contest ends, u make sure u collected everyone’s dollar and then u select the winner. The winner gets a comic or something of value that u put up. Ship that item, keep the money for the site.

Careful, PayPal Base Transaction Fee will take a big bite out of that dollar.

Not if it’s sent as “friend”

Sending as a service gets the 3% knocked off.

I use to have 3 different PayPal accounts, I would transfer money between them by sending as “friend and family” … and the sending to my son in KC … kids always wanting money lol

Flat rate per transaction

2.9% + $0.30

That’s 33 cent on the dollar for a $1 transaction that isn’t gifted.

The base transaction fee is also non refundable if there’s a problem I believe. The 2.9% can be refunded now.

Occasional use of the Gift feature goes unquestioned but hundreds of $1 amounts from hundreds of different people all at the same time screams notice me to me. It also may bring the IRS into play during an audit.

Maybe, but when it’s free then even that 65$ out of the 100 can go a long way.

And the IRS isn’t going to be Looking for 100 $1 donations. It is a waste of thier time to go after things like that. I don’t even think it gets reported to the IRS until the money hits around 10,000$ at once. And that was only instituted to stop the drug dealers from putting thier money in the bank

Absolutely but $455 left out of 100 $5 transactions sounds a lot more lucrative!!! :heavy_dollar_sign:

I don’t even think it gets reported to the IRS until the money hits around 10,000$

PayPal automatically reports it to the IRS after a certain amount I manage to exceed every year. The bank records and such get filed also with the rest of the receipts showing transfers into the bank and such.

The monitory value of the raffle should be perportionate to the number of people and value of the comic.

If I put up a Batman adventures 12 comic variant knowing the value is say 100 and charge people 5$ a ticket knowing that I will get at least 75 people to sign up then that’s just being greedy. Now if I do 1 and get 500 people to sign then that’s just good fortune. The raffle price has to match the comic value. S

Gotta run, apparently there’s breaking news sushi ingredients are catching fire and burning down restaurants. I suspect another potential theme of the day coming. :star_struck:

Yeah, I will have to look up the threshold again. I remember looking over my eBay sales and wondering when I have to report back in like 2015 when I started flipping. I believe that was the $$ value

Sorry, I’m all business today with sdcc tomorrow

UPS came early. I didn’t even have time to track down links to the sushi story for more details.
Maybe tomorrow.

Found it but no time to read it. Sounds like an epidemic with 5 catching fire in one State.