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So one thing nice about this forum and the software used is you can make it appear and act like a phone app without actually installing it as an app. There’s actual Discourse Apps out there but from what I’ve seen and read, most claim they’re not as good as simply doing the following steps to make it appear as an app on your phone or tablet.

If you’re on a Android, you can simply load the site in Chrome. Once loaded, you can open the Chrome Menu (3 dots on upper right of window) and simply click “Add to Home Screen”.

If you are on iPhone or IOS, you’ll have to do the same steps within Safari.


You can make a short cut to your iPhone desktop. Super easy to do.


Yup, I pointed out with Safari you can create the same type of link onto home screen.


I like that. I did not know i could do that on my phone. Heres an IT question, @agentpoyo. I have an iphone and I prefer to use Chrome. I can not figure out how to create the ‘app’ icon that directs me to the Chrome browser, instead of Safari. Any suggestions?


To my knowledge you can’t. iPhone forces you to use Safari when creating links from the home screen. Probably just want to create a bookmark for Chrome. I know, lame.

I do like the Android option better myself. It uses Chrome but when you create the home screen link, it treats it as if it’s an actual app so it doesn’t launch it just in another chrome window or tab.


On Android, it makes it launch and feel like an actual app, not just launching a browser like it does on iPhone and Safari. Heres what a screen shot looks like on Android.


Ive been using iphone for 6-7 years. This is my last ‘i’ product. It is a piece of shit. F*ck Apple. I can no longer figure out how to use itunes, the phone is slow as a snail suddenly, it wont charge unless I do all these ‘tricks’ to get it to charge, it forces me to use safari (really? Cant choose my own default browser? Wtf). I have come to the realization that apple is a shit company and Im getting out now, before Im in any deeper with that posh cult company (apple). Im very much looking forward to getting a Samsung.


Oh man, I think you hate Apple more than I do. I always tease Anthony about being an Apple fanboy… :wink:

I’m an Android user simply because I use Linux for just about everything.

You know what’s sad? If I had to choose Apple or Windows, I’d probably pick Windows and I hate Windows. I’ve been using Linux since around 1998 as my primary OS.


I know its cliche, but apple has been spinning its wheels and resting on its laurels since Jobs passed. And I am not a fan of a company that purposely slows down its devices performance with ‘updates’, as to annoy the user into upgrading said device. That is a huge red flag as to what that company stands for and what they think of the paying customers who helped make them what they once were.


Yeah, I have the same gripes about them. I do not like their tactics for most of their products. Being in IT myself, I just avoid them if I can. Of course my day job gives me a iPhone for work, but at least I’m not paying for it.


I am a total Apple fanboy.


It’s one of your flaws but we still love you… :wink:

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