Free Black Widow comic

For those seeing Black Widow opening weekend at a participating IMAX theater, you’ll get a free BW comic. No idea if it’s something unique or just an FOC issue with a giant print run.


Was in another thread it’s a prequel book ties in to the movie. Just for the movie. No where else to get/order.

Hmmm… interesting. Issue of 1 of 2. Was there any indication of what issue 2 is?

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I’m gonna see it in theaters but I ain’t paying imax prices

Yeah idk when issue 2 drops definitely has me peeked on when it will drop

What’s the next movie? Shang Chi? Maybe it’ll be for that.

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Could be. Didnt think about that.

This is what someone I know got in Singapore. Different variant?


Could be. I’ll know 2morrow by 1pm

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Reminded me to bring bags n boards to the theater.

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I’m going tomorrow night. :slight_smile: I’d bet if you are willing to look around after the showing that a TON of these will be left under seats. A certain percentage of people will just chuck them in the garbage.

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Well, I enjoyed the movie. Bummed that there wasn’t a freebie comic in sight. I hit the second showing, so they either didn’t get any, or they only got enough for the first showing.

I was told you only get them at the IMAX screenings


Yeah it’s only IMAX. My showing is at 1:30pm. Bringing a bag n board to secure it.

Yep. My ticket was for IMAX, and it was listed as a participating location.

Probably the same contents as this mini-series, just different covers:

Marvel’s Black Widow: Prelude

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Hhmmm I remember seeing the cover but not sure it ever came out.

I have issue #2, so #1 was likely released.