Free Comic from a Brewing Company

I don’t even know how I happened upon this but I signed up for one because why not

“Written by Ninkasi co-founder Jamie Floyd and Jim Gibbons and illustrated by Dark Horse Comics artist Eduardo Francisco, this story follows the Goddess Ninkasi, Tricerahops, Jamie Floyd & Nikos Ridge, and other familiar characters in the pursuit of delicious beer”.

Legend of Ninkasi


I saw this available somewhere myself. I do like the artwork and beer so. Those cans are pretty sweet looking as well. Signed up myself. Thanks for sharing. No pun intended.


How odd. I love weird little promo comics and ashcans so I’m in!

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This is so badass. When I was in law school in Eugene, OR, the founder of Ninkasi came and talked to us about beer law. He was…errrr…a different sort of chap. Wore a choker. But, cool guy who I could totally see doing something like this. Love their beer.


cool, signed up for one.

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