Friday Night Silliness

Has anyone else seen this?


Yes!!! It is awesome!

Oh man. I needed that. Yes. That was good stuff.

Still in my top ten feel good ridiculousness videos:

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My kids have watched that Seagulls video a hundred times. I haven’t watched it until now. That’s funny.

There’s a lot more of them…not just songs but just scenes from the movies with some actors like Jack Black, Maya Rudolph and Bill Hader lip reading. Good for some stupid laughs.


I would see that movie

I watched that seagulls video last night after midnight I was the only one still up laugh snorting trying not to wake anyone up. Probably the best thing I’ve watched all week.

That was a lot of fun for me.

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I especially liked Tyrion’s lines.

Sequel to Seagulls.

My stick is better than :bacon:

Seagulls are the worst.

Reminds me of 80’s Peter Gabriel songs.

Thunk your coconut with my stick had me crying laughing :joy:.

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Yessssss. I still quote these Fenslerfilm Joes.


Best cast on SNL ever. Everything they did was good.