Frison Variant for Something Is Killing The Children

The FOC Frison Cover for Something Is Killing The Children has just been released and it is a beauty. Cut off is Monday I think

Source: Quixotic Comics, Twitter

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I placed a preorder for the B cover of this book which was by Jae Lee. I never saw anything about this version. Is it a retailer one or just another added cover? Or did it maybe replace Lee’s.
I’d like to get it regardless.

I’m trying to find out more cause none of the shops I know of had this as a pre-order book for us regular folks.

My only issue with this book is… it’s Tynion… I am not a fan of his writing.

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And welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

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From one source, seems this is an open order for retailers. Weird that Midtown, TFAW and others didn’t seem to have this as a pre-order book unless it was a last minute addition… hence why they’re calling it a FOC Variant…

Yet another reason I appreciate this site & those who post. I order a decent amount of books via dcbs after perusing previews & try to wait till the latest I can to submit. My lcs is amazing but I feel like I’m a pain in the ass when I’m constantly saying “add this…oh…and this…uh…one more”.
I guess I just need to straight up ask how they feel as I’d prefer to support them.
All the last minute stuff/no image of covers drives me nuts though. There are weeks I don’t have time to research it all. This book is a perfect example.
As a customer we are always warned “you need to use previews”…not so much with this sort of thing.

I might be working with a retailer that might put up a pre-order page for this book… stay tuned… :wink:


Cheers dude. Been hovering a while on this site so thought I’d make a contribution

In the UK the Frison Variant has literally just been listed on Forbidden Planet website. They only give the release date not the FOC date.

If Monday is correct then not a lot of time and this one may slip under the radar for many . Plus it’s beautiful

You can order the Frison and the others (if also desired) at:

I’m going to do a CHU post as well.


Here are the others.

Let the seller know CHU sent ya…


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Have you done business with them before ? How are they with shipping and packing?

I actually just ordered from them myself but heard good things about them. Delivery times are good, secure packaging. I do like their discounted prices for pre-order books, seems to compete with TFAW and Midtown. Might just end up being my goto shop for pre-orders.

I just placed my order. Thank you for the opportunity!

Virgin Foils now available at Sanctum Sanctorum

Limited to 300, JClue!!!

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Thank Drogio, I also picked up a set…

I had an order arrive, top notch. Comics were well packaged. Might be my goto shop now online since Midtown is starting to suck more now.

I’ve ordered from there as well as golden apple…the only complaint is that I don’t think either shop offers a lot of indies or open order variants. Which is usually what I’m looking for that my LCS won’t order (or sometimes forgets).

They also don’t discount pre-foc as much as some other shops…

I’ve mentioned the indies, I think they’re working on it.

This variant is probably less common than the regular A but the CGC 9.8 is less than half the value of the regular A CGC 9.8? I just grabbed one.