Frost King - Justice League Endless Winter #1

Is that him in the cover of cover B? I got 2 of each just to get my order up to avoid the other comics being shipped in the TFAW mailer. Anyone else getting these?

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It looks like it…

Also, I am new to TFAW. I thought I heard that if you order $8+ in product they use a Gemini?

I read an advance retailer pdf.
Man, the art is terrible. Cant say much for the writing either.

If a single book costs around that range, you should get a Gemini. Or if you order 5-6 books, bagged and boarded, you should get a Gemini. But if you order 3-4 $4 books, flat mailer.

If you have a comic that’s over cover price it should be sent in a cardboard mailer (not gemini, but basically the same type of thing), or if you order enough (like someone said usually around 5-6 bagged and boarded, but it depends on how thick they are).

And, TFAW’s Gemini-like mailer seems far more substantial than an actual Gemini. Thicker cardboard, more overflow on the top and bottom, which adds a little more corner smash protection. Gemini’s fit in my mailbox, and TFAW’s don’t come close.

That’s why I got a bigger mail box.