Fun Comic/Vintage Toy Big Jim! Jack Kirby

Thought I’d share a couple of my prized toy memories. I don’t think I’ve shown these anyway lol.
Before a certain space movie and its toys captured my full attention in 1977…there was Big Jim & his Wolfpack.

Cool thing is Jack Kirby did all the incredible package art.
I’m sending these off to the graders as they are sealed and I want them encased and graded.
I was ready to send a nice shipment of vintage toys to the graders but I’m holding till after Christmas due to postal worry. Anyway, thought you’d enjoy.
Hard to believe these are 45 years old lol.


Very cool. Never knew you could grade toys. Do they grade them inside the box like with video games or do they take them out?

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@dPcomics You can have them grade about anyway you like. If the items are sealed… they’ll be authenticated and cased up in acrylic essentially just like comics are (remaining unopened).
You can have loose figures graded, loose items with their boxes and cards beside them, whatever you like.
Similar to comics, there are really only 2 companies. AFA grading and CAS.
Again, similar to comics…AFA has been around and is firmly entrenched with CAS being a newcomer but doing a great job and creating good competition.

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@dPcomics example of a graded carded fig. Like comics, you can’t access the figure without destroying the case.

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Very interesting… thanks for the info. Something to think about next time I come across toys and figures!

Just get a dremel and some super glue cut your own acrylic boxes. That’s what toy and video game graders do.

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Actually do that for regular stuff, inexpensive items, but for costly, fragile toys, I treat them as I do key comics that are sent off. Buyers of key toys are just as particular about grading as comic folk are.