Fund Raiser for Little League

Hi CHU Family.

Gbess here to ask this awesome comic community to help out my boy’s little league with some donations. Sunshine Little League is located in the inner city of San Diego. We struggle to get volunteers and donations. We have had over 50 break ins over the last year and we had over $7K stolen in equipment and damages to the property. Anything you could do to help our community would be much appreciated. If you have extra change in you Paypal account and don’t know what to do with it, those spare pennies go a long way. Attached is a link to where you can make the donation. Anything helps.

Thank you

Sunshine Little League is a nonprofit organization and if you like to sponsor us, you can DM me and I can send you all the info.


Just a moderator/admin note, we don’t normally allow FundMe type pages but since Gbess reached out ahead of time and he’s been a member/commentor on the main site for years, how could we say no to helping out the youth for a good cause.

Cheers and here’s to hoping Liam raises enough money to really make an impact for the league.


I couldn’t resist looking at the little guys. $50 sent… Good Luck!


Glad to support sports leagues! Just make sure they have fun (no crazy parents!). :wink:

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Not many donation coming in so I will sweeten it up a little. Every donation regardless of amount will be entered in a drawing to get an original pickle rick sketch by Mike Vasquez. Just put “CHU” on the donation message.


Liam did fantastic today. He got 2nd place on his Hit-a-thon. Hit 169 feet. Thank you all for your donations. @Stan and @faele I will DM you guys shortly for the giveaway.


Little LEAGUE?
I’ll have to talk to “Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Antonelli”

oh… I mean… Tod Wilkinson


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