Funko Pops Flips. Now I'm scraping the barrel for ideas

Pops flip. Jordan #71. Haven’t done any, but got one to try. Going for $25-$38 on Ebay. Couple bigger ones. Superman and chase version is a $200 if you can find em.

I don’t know enough about that market to get into it.

I feel like the early chases are valuable because the demand wasn’t as high and they produced fewer. Now, the cat is out of the bag and retailers sell those chases at a premium right out of the box. It doesn’t help that the production numbers are so large now either. Add to that the fact that there is literally just about no license Funko won’t produce in limitless variations and it becomes a nightmare (to me) to Suss out what will be desirable to the market.

There are obvious winners like the super low production exclusives that produce or other small niche retailers, but those usually have a high buy in. It seems you need to be at a store the say it opens, the day they put stock out, and there needs to be an absence of a back room worker buying them himself before they hit the floor in order to flip them. Miss that first few days and the market is saturated and you’ll sit on that vinyl for weeks, months, I dunno I have some in the garage that have been there for years.

Maybe I’m jaded as Funkos never moved when I did small independent online toy retail myself.

One thing I also noticed is that Funko collectors are also about as particular as your most persnickety comic grade diva. Better buy some of those plastic pop boxes to go around them or they’re getting returned. They also need to have no box flaws before they go into that plastic box. Think that indentation is no big deal? Think again. And shipping those jumbo pops? Try finding those protector boxes. The whole thing of reselling POPs is quite an endeavor separate and in addition to comic flipping.

To those who venture into it, god speed.

I flipped so many funko’s to pay for comic books it’s unreal. My best flip was the joker 2 pack. Got it for around $20 and sold it for close to $500

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Uhoh. Already maxed out with buyers that no longer want to pay much shipping on big stuff. Appreciate the heads up. Can’t deal with difficult buyers already. Have had 3 sales gone bad. And the weird part is that I am OCD about packing. Have sent extremely delicate items international. Takes hours to pack. I custom cut foam to protect the shipment. I pack so that the damn thing can survive a plane crash. Like in the movie “Castaway”. Those could have been my packages :).

Their maybe profitable POPs and ways to source them/know about them. Just saying I haven’t figured it out.

Seems like @Jester00 may have.

@drunkwooky i haven’t messed with them in a good 5 years or so. The real winners are the actual exclusives that aren’t in stores. Funko popup shop is what it used to be called during sdcc. Or fundays. I had a few prototypes back in the day also. Freddy funko is the one everyone wants. They put them out every so often and are super limited. The Walgreens and hot topic ones you can make some money, but not near as much. I’ve seen people pay 5 grand for a Freddy funko

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Back in the day whe Mel V. used to write articles for CHU he wrote one about flipping Funko Pop. Let me see if I can find the article in the main CHU site.

Found it. It’s from 2015 but it still gives out good info.

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Is Mel V exclusively over at CBSI now?

I have no idea. All I know is from one day to the next he said his goodbyes. He had good insite info but don’t know what happened. That would be more of a private message to @Anthony

I was only passingly curious. Blogosphere gossip is worth it’s weight in wasp shit.

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Wow. Five grand for one. World’s gone crazy.

LOL No…Im always gonna be CHU… CHU gave me my start

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I was starting a new job which my schedule was 12am to 8am i had to adjust my life to work around my new schedule …I passed the torch to Lucas for the variants …i dunno what happened with that…then Drunkwooky took over…then Covid happened …then i did the Simpleman and Bolo show with my boy Wolf Warner and it revived my interest so I decided to restart Its Drunken Chat Son and we are rocking each and every Fridat…CHU remains in my Blood and always will …im very gracious for Anthony for giving me my 1st start


as for pops I got out a while ago I sold my collection for 5k couple years ago now i just buy the ones i like

Drunken Chat rules!

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The thing with POPs is that they are NOT a quick flip item. The quick flip winners are few and far between. The real money comes when they become vaulted and everyone loses their mind trying to find them in the wild. That’s when the $15 POP you had in your garage becomes a $100 grail 2 years later.

My best example is Miraculous Ladybug. 3 years ago or so, they were hitting $30. Eventually, a restock happened, and I bought 10 on Amazon. Of course, the restock killed the value, so I tucked them away. Now, they sell for $200.

I slowly started unloading them in December of last year. First at $100, and then raising the price each time. My last one sold at $200, and I still have about 6 left.

You can make money, but it comes later. Be prepared to tuck them away in your closet, garage, storage unit, wherever.

That said, I still make more money overall selling books.

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Drunkwooky took over… Pffttt. I took on the Variants Picks…



Yeah, I’m going to concede this point as I’ve never taken responsibility to regularly deliver anything in my life. It’s why my newspaper route failed. It’s why I can never be a mailman. I thrive on chaos. Keep those routines out of my life.


I’m like a damn robot with my routine… Always on CHU, got a tab open while working my main job, knocking out most items I need to do in the mornings, then I switch over to my contracting job, knock out all those days items I need to do all while switching between the two when needed and talking smack here on CHU while also writing up articles. Somehow I still manage to walk the dog 2 miles (will soon bump to 3 miles), attend meetings (sometimes on those walks, gotta love remote zoom meetings from the phone) usually ending the day cooking dinner… and still manage to get some playtime in with the dog. That’s pretty much my daily routine during covid lockdown. Throw in a few random selling of comics on Mercari and yeah… I normally pause everything around 8pm or 9pm, kind of stare at the TV (looks like I’m watching but I’m not really watching… ) to doze off snuggling the pup until we wake up to head to the real bed.