Furiosa : A Mad Max Saga

Very excited. Not a Mad Max movie I do not like.


The first one was rough

I think I’ve watched this trailer at least 10 times since it was released. Really looking forward to it. Fury Road was the best since Road Warrior!

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Hoping there is movement on the related comic again.

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■■■■ yeah… love it already!

Yeah, that would be nice. I got some first prints I wanna offload for sure!

I didn’t realize Mad Max Furiosa #1 was a $20 book on a good day off eBay…

Also, I miss Vertigo… one of DC’s big blunders killing off that brand…

Black Label = Vertigo

Nah, Black Label is just DC R type rated version it seems for their own properties… Vertigo was completely different vibe that gave creators a publisher and label to produce their works.

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Rumors are circulating that DC intends to revive Vertigo in '24/'25. Not confirmed, from what I’ve seen.

I would welcome Vertigo coming back if it has good stories…

Yeah. But a lot of cult classics are like that. Evil Dead comes to mind.

At least Evil Dead was a student film

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Vertigo got me off superhero books. Great imprint, pretty stupid to get rid of it in the first place.

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Looks good, I can’t wait.

Watched fury road last night. Such a great action movie.