FX Picks up Wyrd Comic for Show

On the main site.

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For a few minutes I thought that said Wynd and I was confused at FX picking up a fantasy series.


I thought the same thing at first an was about to go edit his title since @Anthony always fat fingers his stuff…

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Wynd was previously optioned. This is Wyrd, a pretty good book. There is a nice send up to him having to kill a superman type, the way they deal with superheroes is cool.

Yeah, Wyrd is a fun series and I liked it a lot. I just totally read the title wrong and was very confused by a weird IP + distributor pairing.

Now if I can just get @Anthony to put topics in the proper category, that’d be great…

Shut up.

In other news just sold a 1-4 set for $50 in about 2 minutes. I maybe should have asked for more. But used my Acorns account to buy a copy for $1.99 of #1 which I will then go on to sell (plus adds 1% to my kids investment account of the total sale price) so it’s win win today.


I really liked this mini-series. I have issues #1-#4 somewhere.

Sell. Sell. Sell. I loved it too. Issue 2 had a Dell Otto cover. But now they are gone.

Yes, sell now… now’s the time to sell. Remember Happy! which was a great show on FX? Those books are worthless now… SELL MORTIMER SELL!

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I’d have to find where I even have these to sell them…

I made a quick $50 off a set. Issue 2 had a Dell Otto cover and was pretty awesome.

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