Gamestop exclusive Spawn issues... print run?

Ordered 10 comics, 5 of each variant. Shipped bagged, no boards…in a bubble mailer. No protection.

Books have spine tics galore. ■■■■ Gamestop.


You all just asking for punishment. Every time I’ve been inside a Gamestop, it’s messy, unorganized and ran by teens I think were barely out of puberty… everyone should have known these Gamestop employees don’t give two shits about condition of the comics… or how to package properly. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this in the past as a warning but if I didn’t, I was certainly thinking the same thing then when I recall people complaining about receiving comics shipped by Gamestop.

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Got my copies, and somehow, magically, they are in great condition. A couple could maybe pass as a 9.8. They are polybagged with a thin board inside the bag. Then stuffed loosely in a padded envelop. They should be absolutely destroyed with that lack of packing protection.

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Sometimes going loose is more forgiving. Imagine falling down the stairs… you as an adult try to brace yourself for impact and end up breaking your arm while your toddler flops all the way down and doesn’t end up with a scratch on them…

OK. I cracked open the polybags, as that seam on the front of the bag will wreck the book. Upon further inspection, they aren’t 9.8s, but still in NM range.

Also, the King Spawn book has “second printing” on the back barcode. Gunslinger does not.