Gamestop exclusive Spawn issues... print run?

Does anyone have an idea of what the Gamestop exclusive Spawn issue #1’s print runs are? They have Gunslinger #1 and one other that have exclusive covers. Just wondering if these variants would be more in line with online store variants (usually 3,000 copies for the full dress).

No idea what the print run was, but the two Spawn titles seem to be sold out online now. Today was the date they gave for “available,” so I’m hoping they ship soon.

If they are available in-store as well, I’d guess the order is higher than 3,000.

Probably around 10,000+


Funny how these were available yesterday online…and now not.

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Since they are listed as available 11/22, maybe whatever was left was sent to stores today?

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Thanks for the replies. I pre-ordered one copy of each when they went up for sale a few weeks ago. I got the email from Gamestop my order is processing to ship. I hope they ship safely. I’ve never ordered a comic book from Gamestop before.

Looks like they come polybagged. I hate that.

Yes polybagged with the most flimsy of backing boards in an envelope mailer with no protection or extra cardboard if I remember for comics from GameStop through the mail.

Yikes. Well, at least these were essentially cover price with free shipping. Fingers crossed.

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