Gamma Flight - From Immortal Hulk

Looks like a new series spinning off From Immortal Hulk. (Article on Bleeding Cool - Crystal Frasier, Al Ewing, Lan Medina Launch Gamma Flight From Marvel)

Dr. Charlene McGowan - Immortal Hulk 6 is her First Appearace accortding to Marvel Wiki (A few prints available including a Directors cut)

Gamma Flight had one job: Find and stop the Hulk. But when push came to smash, they sided with the Green Goliath—and the human world intends to make them regret it. Puck, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doc Sasquatch, Dr. Charlene McGowan and a horribly changed Rick Jones are fugitives from every known authority—but a team that full of gamma is bound to break before long. Go on the run with this wild gamma-fueled group in this action-packed addition to the Immortal Hulk mythos!

“GAMMA FLIGHT is an opportunity to explore some of the concepts and plant some of the seeds from IMMORTAL HULK in their own space, building off the found family that came together in those pages and putting them into action against some strange and ugly doings in the unexplored corners of the gamma world,” Ewing explained. “We’ve been ricocheting ideas off each other for a while on this one, and I suspect the result is something that’ll tickle Hulk fans old and new.”

“Working with Al last year as a consultant for Immortal Hulk was a wonderful experience,” Frasier said. “He’s smart, amazingly creative, and amazingly open to feedback. Collaborating with him to write a full series has been wonderful. It’s so easy to bounce elements back and forth to develop a good idea into a great one. And his knowledge of Hulk minutiae from the last 60 years is truly a thing to behold.”

Gamma Flight #1 is published by Marvel Comics on June 23rd.

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I was getting depressed at the thought Al Ewing wouldn’t be doing any more Hulk-related books after, “Immortal Hulk,” wrapped. This makes me feel better.

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was uus coming to post this.


Alpha Flight
Gamma Flight

I guess Omega Flight is forthcoming? Epsilon Flight, Chi Flight? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Omega Flight already happened some years ago. I am not kidding.

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The House of Ideas.
Amalgam characters, Greek letter new teams, new characters that are sons, daughters, moms, dads; change color of major character. Ghost punisher, spider hulks, iron Gwen’s. Oh well

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You all Jumped over Beta Flight.

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spot on!

the time for a hulk spin off was about 25 issues ago