Garfield And His 9 Lives

All the Garfield specials were added to Amazon streaming free with your prime membership. If you have never seen Garfield And His 9 Lives it’s an amazing cartoon definitely worth a watch. I’ve looked to find a working watchable copy for years online and never found one. Use to have a VHS copy I taped from the television showing when I was younger.

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Does it also have Garfield’s Halloween Adventure? That was my favorite…

“I’ll have you know that Halloween’s my middle name. Gar-Halloween-field.”

“Candy candy candy candy candy candy…”

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It’s on Amazon too :grin: That’s what we are watching after dinner.

My daughter…”How old is this?!”


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Tell her old enough that it was designed on “Square Screens”… :wink:

Aaahhh man. My childhood. I miss so much how the 80s gave you that feeling of the holiday when it came around. Halloween Christmas Thanksgiving etc. The cartoon specials tv movies just the feel of it all. Maybe nostalgia closing my brain but I have my kids watch all the old shows/movies I seen as a kid.

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My kids are 12 and almost 15… We decided its time we start watching Die Hard for our new Christmas movie this year… Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie… :grin:

That’s a fact!! Its in my Christmas watch list. I have my PC drive stream to my TV via the media app in Roku. And it’s all holiday movies via my childhood 80s/90s so even if regular programming doesn’t give me what I want I go right to that. Charlie brown. Die hard. National Lampoon’s. The claymation holiday specials

“Die Hard,” is a great action movie, and it is a Christmas movie, but it isn’t the best Christmas movie. That title belongs to, “Elf.”

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@davidbitterbaum… I roc with your logic. Top 5 for sure.

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