JULY 2021 Preorders go up some time today.Neca teased an image of Goliath around 1am east coast time. I’m buying this immediately.


This is incredible!!

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Dude that as saweeeet! $32? wow, figured it would be more.

That’s an awesome figure for the price.

I hope they make figures of the armored gargoyles and armored xanatos. Those were dope designs

The comic series sells for real good money if you have em.

That is a proper upgrade to the old Kenner figure. I’m definitely going to get one and pair it with the old figure and comic for display.

Just pre-ordered 2. Hopefully they will make all the characters. I’m still mad I never got the series on DVD , I’m sure Disney will never put it out again. I guess I’ll have to get a bootleg copy from somewhere .

Not trying to hate but I don’t know wtf this is. Everyone’s all cray about it and I feel like I missed the memo. Anyone mind filling me in on what I’m looking at exactly. I feel like I kinda know Disney stuff but I have never seen this before

OMG!! Seriously? here you go. This should ring a bell. If not idk what to say.

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Dude nothing. I have no memory of this whatsoever. Maybe I’m too old

Aaahhhh that may be. I’m 41 so this was the middle/end of Highschool for me.

Hmmmmmm… I’m 40. So that’s not why I’m ignorant… although in high school I was busy doing, shall we say, lots of extracurricular activities. TV was not a big part of that

Oh I was hustling and in the street had girls over but I always had downtime after school to watch my shows. Even made the girls watch before we “studied” Wasnt till 12th grade I got lost to the streets and being a bad guy for a few years that all my nerdy habits died out.

After school started right after home room when we’d ditch to get the day’s hustle on. I still can’t believe I managed to graduate. Now I’m like a doctor. Hustle is hustle. It translates. Most of the stuff we watched was ECW wrestling on the Spanish channel and mystery science theater after too many stimulants :slight_smile:

Aaahhh I skipped Mystery science I’d watch Sabado Gigante reruns.

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Dude I couldn’t have named that show for my life but I do remember that one!