Geiger Gets a New TV Series

‘Geiger’ Comic Series Getting TV Adaptation By Justin Simien, Geoff Johns & Paramount Television

KCC has Geiger #1 listed on Hot Keys


Wow a nice unexpected surprise. The story was pretty good, kinda cliche but fairly good overall.

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So far, it seems like the market only cares about the 1st print and perhaps the 2nd print 1:25

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I am going to list copies tomorrow as I have several #1’s


I only grabbed one copy of each but could possibly flip the singles and snag the TPB for cheap.

Oh, I almost forgot my obligatory @Anthony impersonation: “I have this book. I’m going to flip it for great profit.”

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Lol I have a lot of books. I hope to flip it for a great profit but truth be told I haven’t been selling a lot lately.

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I sold two copies tonight right after posting. The price might be higher in the morning.