Gemma Chan to join cast of Eternals movie

This is now starting to filter onto the web that Gemma Chan is set to joint the cast of the upcoming Eternals movie. If this is true, will she reprise her role as Minn-Erva or will she be cast as an Eternal or maybe even a Celestial (in human form) such as Ego did? What is your guess? Apparently, casting is not done yet so who knows what other surprises will show up in the coming weeks. Makes me wonder if the Eternals will be talked about in more detail during the upcoming Disney event later this month in Anaheim. The article where I got this information can be found on Screengeek.

I could have swore I saw an article that said she would be Sersi…perhaps just wishful thinking as I can’t seem to find any confirmation of it. I don’t think it would make much sense to have her as Minn-Erva.

I would hope so. Sersi is a huge part of the Eternals. Doesn’t make much sense not to include her.

I thought Angela Jolie was cast as Sersi already.

I believe Jolie will be Thena from what I’ve seen.

Jolie was originally rumored to play Sersi, but those rumors came to a close when she was introduced as Thena during at SDCC. Which is fine. Never thought Jolie would have made a good Sersi. Thena fits her better. Still, not having Sersi in an Eternals film just doesn’t make sense so hopefully this signing puts everything in pace.

Im hearing rumours of Jenna being cast as Circe too.

It would make sense if the early reports are true where the movie takes place or partially takes place in the past. We will see.

That explains why my issue #5 sold so quickly and the other two at my lcs disappeared the next day!

I heard something that we had not heard the last of Minn-Erva,

That would be cool. Where did you hear that? Would Gemma Chan play two roles or would there be a re-cast?

It was after the Captain Marvel movie and it was an interview with Gemma Chan saying that.
Shortly after that I had comic book burnout. Maybe because it was a decent movie in my opinion, while a lot of the girls I took to see Captain Marvel loved it, I had higher expectations for Captain Marvel.