Getting CCS PRESS service on a CGC 9.8 for "Insurance"

Hello Team,

Recently I am planning on submitting slabbed (CGC 9.8) books in for signing at CGC. However, as everyone knows, the books takes at least like 6 month before getting back to you. Per my understanding my books will be in RAW for like 3-4 month, would you guys get the books CCS PRESSED as an insurance policy incase of mishandle???

I am debating on this because of all the bad “things” I heard about how the books can get mishandled (even at CCS).

If anyone has experience getting books signed in the last 2 years, please help me by sharing your experience regarding signing event (I’m afraid that my CGC 9.8 goes in but comes back as CGC 9.4-9.6), would you get an “extra” service as a insurance policy.

It depends on several things. What book is it? I’d need to see closeup photos in the slab to see if any reversion occured while in the slab. Was it ever pressed before?

If it needs pressing, I’d have it done prior to the signing. Also better to send it to CGC in a window bag ready to be signed rather than have them do it. Less handling, the better.

I pressed all the books I’ve submitted for signings myself and all came back 9.8, no damage due to handling during the signing.

I think the biggest factor for your book will be graded is what shape it’s in when you send it in.

Def would not recommend CCS.


Books looks clean, its a Teen Titan #44 CGC 9.8.

Can you elaborate why not CCS? U are not the first, but I never got the reason why he doesn’t like CCS.

CCS pumps books out like a factory. I had books pressed there years ago before they got this backed up, and even then there were visible defects that should have been pressed out. It’ll also add like 6 months to your turnaround.


Basically, CCS charges a premium yet service is sub-par.

Basically you were “successful” to get your book graded without having being mishandled. In addition, having CCS press your book, you gotta wait another couple month…

Thanks DP.


Np, good luck!

I know I should have a copy of this, but I don’t. I named my son Grayson for Christ sake… I’ll have to sell a HA3 or something and pick up a decent copy.

Sorry, I know this doesn’t add to the topic at hand…

Any alternative to CCS? I don’t have the skill, patience or time to do it myself. And I am weary sending it to some random guy who presses books out of his garage.

My experience was that it wasn’t worth taking the risk on not having the press. I submitted a 9.4 for signature, came back a 9.2. Had to resubmit it for a press - and then it went up to a 9.6 so it all worked out, but a lot of hassle could have been avoided just by paying for the press in the first place…

Depends a lot on the artist as well. McFarlane as an example is well known for treating books roughly, so I’d never take the risk on him.

How about this.

Don’t press them. If they come back 9.6 or lower examine them to see if the defects can be pressed out. Send the ones back to CGC for a press and re-grade that you think have a shot, and worth it to you. Why waste waiting and extra time getting them back

I sent in a 9.4 and after a press came back a 9.2 anyway.

The thing is I’m submitting CGC 9.8 already ( a legit 9.8) just hoping it doesn’t get f-up in the process. Right now I’m leaning towards not getting CCS due to feedback I heard about it subpar service… Hopefully everything falls accordingly. It’s already costing me about $250 for 2 books…

The thing is if you want it pressed later you may have to go through CSS to maintain the yellow label.

Some pressers may be authorized to crack and press and maintain the yellow label if they send it directly to CGC…but I’m not 100% sure on that. You may be stuck with CSS.

Although I think CBCS does recognize CGC yellow labels and their presser is 1000 better, IMO. It’s just that you’ll have a CBCS slab then. Which in my opinion is better anyway…but resale value may take a slight hit.

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