Ghost Hunter: Popeye #15 1:10 Pedro Vargas Variant

This book here is a really tough find as are all the Popeye IDW 1:10 variants. All the 1:10 Popeye variants are worth a grab if you see them in the wild as most are pretty amazing covers and fetch at least a $20 bill off rarity alone. If a Popeye book sells enough copies to make the Comichron estimated copies sold to store list it’s usually around 2100 copies per issue excluding #1 and the first couple issues. A lot of the Popeye books don’t sell enough copies to make the list and probably have print runs of 1500 or less copies for the issue putting these 1:10 variants crazy rare. You may know of the Zombie Popeye variant which for awhile fetched low 4 digit prices it’s worked it’s way back down these days and attainable to those that want it in the $200 range. Another Popeye book #15 has a very desirable cover that crosses different collectors it’s also extremely low printed and issue #15 didn’t sell enough copies to make the comichron list. Only one copy found on eBay for $200, so if you see this one or any other 1:10 Popeye variants in the wild for cheap I would definitely grab them.

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Oh god, not these again. CBSI already pumped these a few years ago…

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They still move a few books a month not saying youre going to get rich but if you see them at cover in back issue bins grab em.

I thought some of these had reports of only having 50 to 100 in existence. Most shops didn’t even order enough to get a ratio of reprinted Popeye comics.

If I find these for cover in back issue bins I’m keeping them! Love these covers.

If you find these in back issue bins at cover price, go buy a damn lotto ticket…