Ghost Hunter: Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever 1:25

This 1:25 variant from 2015 is quickly becoming a ghost and starting to move to the $100 mark. There’s a whole connecting 1:25 cover set from 2015, the Wanda and Black Widow both have begun to take off.
Not to old so you may be able to score a copy or two at your LCS, only 4 copies available on eBay at the time of writing this.


Going to be real hard to find these in shops. Flipside and another youtube show was talking all these MCU covers up and copies were moving during Wandavision.

Found 5 quicksilvers and an Ironman for way under ratio so far. Still going through my list of online shops


Also 2 Hulks and a Black Widow


No Captain Americas and 1 Scarlet Witch for $18 but you have to send messages to purchase it and i’m sure they’ll check the ebay prices

I’m sure that Black Widow can make you some good money here real soon.

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