Ghost Machine

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Anyone (or group) that can further pressure Marvel to change their ways is a good thing. More and more of the big names are leaving the big 2 to do more creator-owned stuff.

I’m guessing this will be similar to the Image/Skybound imprint?

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That’s how it always is it seems. You make a name for yourself at DC and Marvel, gain enough fans to go off and do creator owned stuff. The fans follow… If it wasn’t for Marvel and DC, most creators would never get bigger than they are because the big two give them a name! So they should be a little thankful that Marvel and DC exist and gave them a shot!


Yes. To your point, what writer out there in the last 20 years working on creator owned stuff didn’t work for the big 2 before going off on their own?

Tynion maybe? I mean, SiKtC really propelled him, but he was making a name for himself on Batman shortly before that.

Maybe some artists?…but I can’t think of any at moment. It seems even when artists start to get recognized the big 2 start hiring them for variant cover work.

He was all over DC for years so DC helped launch his career. It wouldn’t be what it is without DC. It took a bit for SIKTC to really take off as well.

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It’s funny cause sometimes the artists start off doing indie work, gain notoriety and the big 2 lure them in before they go back off doing their own stuff again.


NYCC ashcan


As someone with a soft spot for Ashcans, I appreciate this.