Ghost Rider Giveaway


This is for the Ghost Rider Black Blank Variant giveaway with Aaron Kuder Sketch with Ed Brissons autograph as well.

See the main site posting here:…-w-actual-sketch/

You can watch the recording of Kuder sketching this one and the others I got (best COA ever right?):

The stink’in rules…

  1. One entry per person, must be done on here. So comments on the main site or on social media (Facebook, Twitter) do not count.
  2. If you comment with why you think you should win (like you’re the biggest Ghost Rider fan or post some pics of your best Ghost Rider comics, toys or other swag), then your name will be entered twice to increase your chances at winning.
  3. Winner will be drawn in 4 days, so on Wednesday early evening we’ll pick a winner.
  4. Winner if international agrees to chip in for international shipping, if waived, we’ll pick another winner.
  5. If you are not a member of the forums, you need to sign up which currently still requires approval and valid email. So be patient, we’ll get to you if you’re a first time user just getting started.
listed #2

Why should I win? Because I NEVER do LOL!


Joseph Fraser


Thanks for the opportunity, Why should I win Hmm because I want to <;0)


The video was a nice touch!



I should win, because your first time is supposed to be special, right?

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Thomas Hughes.


Johnny V. I should win because I watched the first Nic Cage Ghost Rider movie.

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It’s so awesome that you guys do these giveaways. They are always sick prizes, this one especially. I should win because Ghost Rider was my first favorite series when I was a kid. I can still remember going to the comic shop (when I could get my Mom to take me) and buying issue after issue of over-priced Ghost Rider back issues.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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30 years ago I came across a ghost rider #1 (70s series) for 20 cents at a flea market. Loved the book. Shortly after Danny Ketch is introduced as the new Ghost Rider, with Mark Texeria and Javier Saltares at the helm and ever since I’ve been the biggest GR fan. This series reminds me of those days as Johnny Blaze came was re-introduced as well.

Eventually I wanted some cash and sold GR #1 for a few bucks…regretted it ever since.

So because this series is nostalgic for me and would be a little bit of redemption at letting my copy of the 70s GR#1 get away is why I should win this book.

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Todd Wilson
…because I am a big Aaron Kuder fan from his earliest work on Elephantmen to his work on Legion Lost to Action Comics during DC52.


I should win 'cause!


Mike Landrum! I should win because I never win any of these giveaways! Thanks for having this as it’s a great prize!


Rob H Wow, that’s some give away!!!


Ghost Rider was the first book I started collecting regularly during high school. Would walk a few miles to get my issue every month.


Mike F.
I should win because along with Iron Fist, Ghost Rider was one of my favorite characters when I was a boy back in the late 70s, early 80s. Something about a flaming skull!




I love ghost rider , he is one of my favs


I think I should win because I always think I should win! I never do win, but I think I should. I’m glad everyone else is winning, because these give-aways are great! This is one of the best. I love the black variant, plus the sketch is an amazing bonus! Good luck to all.

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