Ghost Variants

I figured I’d start a thread for variants that you just CANNOT find. When they actually do pop up on eBay, they are ridiculously priced. When you actually find them in the wild, it’s like stumbling on a legendary Pokémon outside Pallet Town. Unheard of.

I found these hanging out in the back issue bins at my LCS this week. The bottom two aren’t crazy impressive, but the top two are ghosts, especially the JTC negative space Annual. It sells for multiple hundreds of dollars and I paid $15.

Next up, I didn’t buy these, but there is a nuts eBay listing for all 4 Rebel Heist Hughes Sketch 1:40 variants in CGC 9.8:

Seems high, but at the same time, I’m not certain he WON’T get that price or something close.


This one…I honestly figured it would be an easy find way back when I started hunting it on purpose. We’ve talked about it on the forums (forgive me as I can’t recall the member who brought it to my attention).
I’ve found 2 copies now for cover with about of year of hunting. For a #1 issue that seems like it would have been heavily ordered to begin with…maybe just in my area. It’s at Casper level ghost status for me.


There used to be a series of Phantom Variants. I regret selling my Saga 7 Paul Pope one several years ago. That Phantom Variant is truly a Ghost Variant.

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I picked this up on release day for $25 CND. I had no idea it was valued where it is. Its been sitting in a box full of books to be graded.


Whoaaaaaaaa… that’d be very very nice. Been looking for one for a long time. Nice book to find sitting in one’s own box! :slight_smile:

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I’ve got one of those Star wars Ann. too, also in a box to be graded.

The only 3 I have that are kinda rare are:
Batman Beyond 1 1:10 Cooke variant

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 12 1:15 Cosplay variant

This one I have rarely seen online. It is Stabbity Bunny 1 “Amazing Fantasy 15 homage” variant, limited to 250 copies. Got it signed by Richard Rivera at a con a few years ago.


There were also a series of Ghost Variants put out at the same time as Phantom Variants. Phantom Variants we’re a reaction to the Ghost Variants by stores that were not included by the Ghost Variant group. Funny story.

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Blast from the past. That’s what I thought this thread was about.

That phantom program really went out with a whimper. Can’t say I’m sad about that, though.

Im sure Larry (you know who) has a shit ton of unsold Phantom variants…lol


Can’t say I’m sad about that either.

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That Larry blocked me on Twitter years ago when I called him out on borderline racist comments about Miles Morales (when he debuted as a character). No love lost between me and him.