Giant Sized Defenders #5

Looks like this book has heat potential as the first appearance of Justice. The character is being linked to the Marvel title announced to come out later this year “Doc Justice and the J team”. Does anyone have any insight on this?

It would be really strange to have spent billions of dollars to get the rights of the X-men and Fantastic Four and then turn around a do a Doc Justice film instead.

Its a comic title scheduled for later this year and not a film announcement.

Oh I see it now my bad

Justice relaxing at the J team HQ.

I’ll bite. I love obscure silver and bronze age first appearances. Giant Size Defenders #5 isn’t all that expensive even in high grades. At mid grade it is dirt cheap. Why not. Also, some are listing it as the 3rd appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy (not sure that is accurate though).

He was gonna respond to the J signal but then he got high…

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I had this a long time ago. I was a huge New Warriors fan back in the day, and I wanted all of their 1st appearances. First appearance of Marvel Boy/ Justice it’s a PC book for me though.
I’m not sure if it is the same character. I saw the article in Previews and it looks like it might be a new person unless he changed up his costume. Will just have to wait for more info.

I was getting a New Universe “Justice” and others getting recycled vibe. There’s a video out now showing them that I don’t recognize them from anything on. I just watched it without audio at the evil place you hate.

Hah! The elephant tusk dude in the back has wolverine claws.