Gigawatt in Transformers Back to the Future

Gigawatt is a new Autobot that is a Delorean in the Transformers Back to the Future #1. They came out with an action figure that sold out instantly at Walmart a couple of months ago. This is just a heads up for any fans that missed the solicit.


I assume that’s him right on the A cover. Nice.

TFAW has these up for pre-order as well.

Transformers Back to Future #1 (of 4) (Cover A - Juan Samu)

Transformers Back to Future #1 (of 4) (Cover A - Juan Samu)

Holy crap that action figure is going for mad money too…

Transformers Gigawatt on eBay

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Plus one more on my tfaw preorder. Ha

Yeah, I had to pre-order as well. I can’t pass up this mashup. B2TF is one of those movies I find on cable I just stop and watch when I’m just finding something to pass the time at night.

Huge BTTF fan. I do autographs too and have been working on a cast poster. Almost done. Just need 2.

I tried to get gigawatt and echo 1 when they came out…both sold out at Walmart…echo 1 showed up in Canada stores.

Because I collect various Hasbro action figures soon as I seen the book I tossed a couple copies in the cart when I did my FOC preorders.

Finally got this bad boy in the mail. Delivery beat this box to shit.

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If the box is beat up… time to open it up and play with it… :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I’m an open and pose em guy. Just waitin on these Shelves from Wayfair to place on wall for the comic and the figure to go on.

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I ordered 3 from Gamestop and sold them all for $55 + shipping all while they were still in stock at Gamestop lol


Who was the retailer?