Gina Carano Booted from Mandalorian

Reports are out that Gina Carano is “no longer a Disney employee” according to a Disney press release condemning her recent tone deaf social media shitting of the bed.

I won’t get political. My problems with her started with her being a terrible actress who never should have left the Octagon.

At any rate, her character was never spec worthy in my estimation and will likely be summarily swept away come season 3. So, that’s the end of Cara Dune.


Political aspect aside. WAS she really that important of a character? That can easily be recast (Lucy Lawless, Michelle Rodriguez etc) she was a sidekick really. Fight scenes cool but I think it was the shes an MMA fighter so it was the more realistic aspect to her character.

I would just as soon her cardboard cut out of a jarhead rebel fighter not be recast and just forgotten. When it comes to other roles, it’s time to move away from the MMA and WWE casting. We hit that pretty heavy for a while. Star Wars deserves a little more in the way of acting bona fides.


True indeed. I’m glad they were given a shot but yeah a little more acting prowess is needed.

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Glad to see them moving on from her in the show for a handful of reasons.


Not disappointed. Curious how they’ll write her out, but shouldn’t be too difficult.

So many better characters to expand upon, like Bo Katan.


I haven’t seen whatever posts she was fired over so I can’t give an opinion either way on this one…I didn’t care for the character though. I didn’t hate the character I just didn’t like it that much.

I have liked her since Deadpool. She is quirky for sure but I enjoyed her on screen. No idea what she said however, but I don’t like the idea of politics getting people kicked off jobs. It’s a slippery slope


The Twitter thought police first wanted her canceled when she said there were 2 genders, not 27.

Then, when she pointed out some of the hypocrisy and redundancy of COVID restrictions on certain businesses and not others. That is when they lost their minds again.

This time she made a comparison between being a conservative nowadays vs being Jewish during the holocaust. That was the straw that broke the camels back.

I’m not saying I agree with her comparison, but I will say that this country is at a tipping point. We may one day be in a place where your thoughts political, religious, or otherwise will get you punished or worse. There are elected officials in office RIGHT NOW talking about re education camps. Asking of anyone is keeping lists of the names of people who think differently than their group.

As a father, I just want my child to grow up to be a good, kind, loving, successful person. If that means he/she self identifies as a cucumber from the planet Xero I don’t really care as long as it doesn’t harm him/her or anyone else. I would hope other people would be cool with his/her choice as well. That being said, I can’t condone canceling someone for thinking different than myself, my child, or anyone else. Just don’t be violent.

Keep in mind that Disney decided to BOYCOT Georgia for an abortion law they passed… until COVID hit and GA opened back up while CA remained closed. Disney was all too happy to film in GA again. They will light up the virtue signal at the drop of a dime but will inevitably cuck to the almighty dollar. My point is that they don’t really care.


There aren’t any cucumbers on Xero, just zucchini’s.

Standard outcome in these volatile and hypersensitive 2010’s & 2020’s.
Words, expression of thoughts, methodology of the delivery of words, & particularly not being on board, will get you in trouble with your employer.
On one hand, it is unfortunate it’s come to this.
On the other hand - I’m sure she was aware that she was playing with fire with her livelihood in these lovely 2020’s. We all have choices to make in life and if we’re aware of the high potential outcome of those choices, and that outcome occurs; then here we are discussing it.
I would advise her to post pictures of kitten, puppies and her latest CGC Star Wars 9.8 pickups. Much safer

I don’t think active political speech has ever been “safe.” Hollywood blacklisted supposed, alleged, and accused communists at the turn of the 20th century.

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Anyone recall the classic Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”?

Rod Serling’s final lines relative to the episode:
The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices…to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill…and suspicion can destroy…and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own—for the children and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined to the Twilight Zone.

Good episode…it’s pretty scary…and pretty pertinent to this crazy world we are living in.

Pitchforks and torches are fun…till you are on the receiving end.


We really are on a potentially dangerous path. I keep seeing sensational headlines about some truly ‘evil’ thing that someone has done. Where I bother to read the article, I often see that the original comment is nowhere near as bad as the headline indicated. The trouble is that the headline sets a filter through which people then read the article. Works the same way with Twitter outrage. It’s often the outrage that evokes more outrage, not the original act.

We are throwing away qualities like empathy, forgiveness, tolerance of alternative views and reflective thinking; and replacing them with a bonfire of perceived witches. I say all of this as a slightly left-leaning individual. Silencing different points of view or burning people for misjudgements in speech or written expression is genuinely scary stuff. The flash judgements of people on their phones in emotionally aroused states should not be the basis for the development of societal norms and values.


Differences of opinion are not tolerated today. And it is getting worse. Each political side 1-ups the other. Scary world we live in right now.


If we look at this from an acting perspective, this can only help. In my opinion, this show suffers badly from chronic poor acting. While she was probably the worst, she wasn’t the only stiff as a board character on the show. I mean, when Bill Burr looks like one of your better actors, that’s ummm, yeah, not great.

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I completely agree with you, and I say this as a slightly right-leaning individual.

Now, why can’t our elected officials figure this out? The phrase “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is probably the most accurate reason. It’s classic divide and conquer.


I read that stuff on twitter.

Really not surprised she’s off the show.

I did enjoy her character while she was on tho.

All I will say is Freedom of Speech keeps you from being imprisoned for saying stuff. It doesn’t mean your job can’t fire you. Disney saw her comments she made on multiple occasions, weighed the pros and cons of keeping her, and cut her. She has every right to say her opinion, Disney has the right to fire her. Whether we like it or not.


Yep! The First Amendment protects speech being infringed or censored by government actors with exceptions.

Contained in the same First Amendment is Disney’s right to associate (or the corollary to disassociate) with whomever they please with exceptions (those being race, gender, sex, religion, etc.)