Give me some feedback on this purchase/plz

Hey gang… I’d like to hear your feedback/thoughts on this purchase I made today. Even if it’s “you’re an idiot” I’ll be ok.
I am not very good with grading when it gets to expensive books in horrible shape.
I paid a total of $267 for the books below. Clearly, only two are special & comprise the bulk of the $267 (X-Men & Scooby Doo).
I know the X-Men is rough BUT it displays so darn well and the only (awful/really ugly) issue is that back cover.
Essentially, I paid $150 for the X-Men book and the others cost me $117. Ultimate Universe #1 was cover so I certainly wasn’t passing that up.

What do you think? Turn in my comic collecting membership card? Or I did ok.

I’ll also add…both the X-Men and Scooby books are items I’ve always wanted & don’t already have.


I think you did well overall. I actually seek out lower grade keys that have the major defect on the back. They bring down the grade and the price without affecting the way it displays. Great for PC books. The other books seemed a bit overpriced but probably not by much, especially if high grade. Couldn’t really tell from the pics.

Thanks…the Scooby book needs some cleaning & work but isn’t too bad. The others were just sort of fodder to be honest. Sort of thrown in since I bought the X-Men and Scooby.

I really debated the buy, but am happy to have the X-Men on my wall.

Under $300 for the lot isn’t a lot to pay when a big marvel key is involved in any condition.

Maybe the book is a 2.0. But there are a lot of 2.0s that are faded with chunks missing from the front cover.

If you think you did good, if younthink you did good. Can always upgrade later if there’s an opportunity. I don’t think you did bad.

I’m partial to the transformers 23. If it’s in 9.8 shape it could offset a good chunk on its own (1st Stunticons, Motormaster cover, Marvel Anniversary cover). I have a newsstand in 9.8.

The Universe comic also can get you some $$ back. So that is all potential bonus.


I like low grade classic books. If you are happy you did well. If you are unhappy then that is where the issue is.

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I walked away feeling great but started second guessing myself lol.
I’ve always wanted the #94 because I love that run but it also (when compared to other books I want) isn’t one I wanted to throw a ton of money into.

Appreciate everyone’s input!!!

For comparison look at Mycomicshop. They have a 1.8 for $389 a 2.0 for $399

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The Scooby Doo #1 from Charleston they have a 4.5 for $150.

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Key bronze, key X-men, fifth ever Wolverine… $150…I think you did fine. Like you said, it will display very nice.


X-Men fever is only going to grow once their MCU presence kicks off. This is a good time to pick up a #94.


You did very well.

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You did good, Kid. You did good.

That’s a movie quote, right? I swear that is in a movie.

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Hulk 180-1st, 181-2nd, Giant Size X-Men 1-3rd & X-Men 94-4th. Unless I’m missing something.

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You can sell the Ultimate Universe 1 (preview of a CAMEO) of Maystorm for $35-$40 to further bring down your purchase price.

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That’s a new one!

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