Gleason Variant dropping at 2pm CST

It’s also the trade dress which seems to be exclusive as well.

Its LIVE!!! Go gooooooo

I bought a regular copy. Those are nice covers.

Bought a trade dress.

Bought the set for resale purposes

Wanted the virgin. But $75 for a set was a little steep. So trade dress it is

Copped - gonna have to flip part of the purchase for sure.

Same here…flipper time!

Also snagged a simple trade dress to go with all the others for PC.

Bought one trade dress, $35 geez. I wonder if those same people who complained about $80 for trade and virgin of high republic #1 will complain about this being the same price…

Definitely getting flipped.

Everyone, send me $75 instead. I’ll invest your money very wisely and make sure you make double that in 10 years… Bank De Poyo is open for business!


Picked up 5 sets. Is $75 too steep? I didnt think so.

I grabbed a single trade copy. Thanks for posting this or I would’ve never known.

5 minute sellout on the virgin copies

Nah… you will get your money back and then some. :100:

I’ll even send you a one of a kind Poyo sketch as well… :wink:

Can we get cgc ss poyo?

I bought 10 each of the #55 1st and 2nd. I would have purchased 10 sets of this but I bought my son a new gaming pc 2 days ago. Oh well.

Got a pair of trades. Flip one, keep one. Tried to get the virgin set, but was already gone. Don’t you think Marvel will be pissed they didn’t get this for the A/B cover?!

Beautiful cover. Best of the trio. That went fast.

Hated to pay $88 for the set but had to.

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