Gleason Variant dropping at 2pm CST

Let me know if you manage to get a few

Or do you think these web covers are going to get old fast?


Was jus coming to post this. Didnt see the art jus the announcement #Repost

@patrickgleasonstudio @download.ins

Also! Stay tuned for an announcement today at 2:15 CST! It may or may NOT be what you think it is :thinking: all I’ll say is “We…are…” excited!

I’m happy for him these should be the last of the web covers. No miles or gwen thank you.

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It’s like he beat marvel at their own game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m gonna try to grab some, this one is definitely a Venom, so it’s not for the Carnage book. Check the venom spider symbol on the chest, looks like this is going to be out before they announce the trade dress for whatever venom book this is going to be.

Venom #33, I think he has exclusive for trade and virgin

Yeah I’m gonna try if I dont get it no biggie.

You all getting this?



Good, I’m in the right place!

Or we’re all in the wrong place

When I go to his site it says…oh wait…you all know…

Yup. His ig says 2:15cst update so its 3min away I shall keep refreshing

Isn’t that 16 minutes

So…while we sit here what are you all up to today? Any plans for the weekend?

I meant from the 2pm time the thread stated. His IG says 2:15. So I’m assuming somewhere between those times.

It’s up

Sorting the PC (never ending) and watching NFL Playoffs…

75 for a virgin, ■■■■ off with that shit

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Bought one. Why not.